The ROM gets a new Roof

Posted: August 27, 2013 - 15:10 , by ROM
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Looking south from the Rotunda roof

Walking past the ROM these days, you can’t help but notice the scaffolding on  south side of the Queens Park wing, or the safety barriers on the roof. After eighty years of service, the familiar green copper roof is being replaced. If you take a look at the roof through the ROM’s web cam, you can see for yourself and get regular updates. The green copper roof is gone and today you can see a black covering which is a waterproofing and air breathing layer. As the ROM's Photographer, I am able to get up on the roof and  provide you with a virtual access to contractors and  the work they are doing to replace the familiar green roof with new copper.

The process, in very simplified terms involves cutting and removing the copper, wood strapping and plywood and then scraping the  surface leaving it ready for the new roof.

These few photographs will help you to understand the process.

 Man cutting copper roof

the plywood is removed

scraping the residue to get a clean surfacesealing the new membrane

The roof, looking to the north, with the membrane

The first copper panels installed