"None of the dead can rise up and answer our questions. But from all they have left behind, their imperishables or slowly dissolving gear, we may perhaps hear voices which are now only able to whisper when everything else has become silent...”

Björn Kurtén. Finnish Palaeontologist

To connect with the past through the objects that remain, we must preserve them. This is the role of Conservation at the ROM.

ROM Conservators begin when objects enter the Museum’s collection, using technical and analytical methods to confirm fabrication materials and techniques, assess condition and determine authenticity. Research is done into treatment methods and materials, and objects are conserved to stabilize and strengthen them, and make them suitable for display.

To prevent further damage and slow natural degradation, Conservators work collaboratively with curatorial and exhibitions staff to define standards, and advise on appropriate conditions for the storage and display of objects, determining light, temperature and humidity levels, air quality standards, and the safest configuration for display.

Conservators provide curriculum internships for conservation students and periodically offer courses to students at the University of Toronto and ROM Members about collections care.

While we don’t conserve art and artifacts from the public at the ROM, we welcome your questions about conservation. Please connect through our staff pages, links and contact us portal below.


Conservation Staff

Janet Cowan in the paper conservation lab. Janet Cowan
Senior Conservator, Paper

Helen Coxon

Helen Coxon
Senior Conservator, Preventive Conservation
Laura Lipcsei Laura Lipcsei
Senior Conservator, Ceramics Stone and Glass
Heidi Sobol Heidi Sobol
Senior Conservator, Paintings
Jean Dendy headshot Jean Dendy
Senior Conservator, Organic Materials
Anne-Marie Guchardi headshot Anne Marie Guchardi
Conservator, Textiles