Collections: Art and Culture

Art & Culture

The Department of Art & Culture is one of two curatorial departments under the Collections and Research Division. The ROM holds nearly 1 million objects of art and culture from around the world, dating from pre-historic civilizations to present day contemporary artworks. Curatorial staff are responsible for researching, cataloguing and housing the existing collections and continue to acquire new objects and artworks through donations, purchases, and commissions. With the ROM’s expansive collections, curatorial staff create world class original exhibitions, produce leading research projects and award-winning publications, and support public programs that engage the local and global communities.

Art & Culture Collections

  • Indigenous Americas

    35,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Archaeology of the Americas

    386,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Canada

    40,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Ancient Egypt & Nubia

    71,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Ancient Greece & Rome

    53,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Ancient Near East

    242,000 Artworks and Objects
  • China

    43,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Europe

    62,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Global Africa

    13,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Global Fashion & Textiles

    50,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Global South Asia

    14,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Islamic World

    8,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Japan

    11,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Korea

    1,400 Artworks and Objects
  • Asia-Pacific

    7,000 Artworks and Objects
  • Southeast Asia

    2,000 Artworks and Objects