Internships and Co-ops

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Internships at the ROM

As part of our mission to inspire curiosity, make discoveries, and share wonder, we are delighted to support the next generation of museum professionals by providing internship opportunities. Interns gain museum work experience, connections, and course credit while furthering their academic pursuits. Our highly competitive internships are awarded based on merit, expertise and a rigorous interview process. We hope to offer you an exciting experience you’ll never forget.

We accept interns in many different areas, each of which may have a slightly unique process for acceptance. Interns are different from volunteers as they explicitly seek academic compensation. We hope to provide this through our world-renowned collection of artifacts and specimens. Few interns receive pay, however in some situations we will collaborate with other agencies or organizations and match a grant subsidy.

Successful candidates must demonstrate we are essential to their academic careers, as part of a high school, college or university course or program. On our part, we will complete intern evaluation forms and other paperwork enabling interns to receive academic credit for their hard work. Overall, our internships offer students a chance to explore the wonders within the museum while gaining real work experience.

Interested applicants should e-mail us at Please indicate your area of interest, your postsecondary institution and your program of studies. We will direct your inquiry to the appropriate department. Please be aware we will only contact interested applicants if there is a suitable placement that matches their unique skills and abilities.

The ROM's Learning Department offers alternative placements for teacher candidates. Current opportunities will be listed with our Post-Secondary offerings

High School Co-ops at the ROM

We do not have a formal co-op program. However, departments may entertain unpaid co-op requests. Please send an e-mail to indicating your area of interest and your program of study. We will direct your information to the appropriate department. Please be aware we will only contact interested applicants if a placement is available that matches their unique skills and abilities.

Authored by: Cheryl Fraser