Volunteering at the ROM

Welcome to volunteering at the ROM! The ROM connects its visitors to their communities, their world, and to each other. It’s our hope that when you volunteer at the ROM we inspire you with the amazing, one of a kind objects in our collection and that you impart a sense of wonder and share stories about your ROM discoveries with our visitors.

With our large number of visitors, and extensive collections of over 6 million artifacts and specimens, we need additional help to inspire curiosity, make new discoveries, and share wonder. As a volunteer you can join our already diverse and vibrant volunteer community that brings a variety of different skills and experiences to the ROM. We would be delighted for you to join our enthusiastic team.

The ROM recognizes that as a volunteer you give your time, abilities and enthusiasm freely to help us and we appreciate this significant support. As a ROM volunteer, you will have wonderful time as a valued, indispensable part of our team that strives to create a welcoming environment for our many visitors. In return, we hope to give you an opportunity to explore our vast collections, to learn new things, and to share your skills and interests while making great new friends.

Join us from April 10-16 as we celebrate our volunteers with the ROM's Volunteer Appreciation Week.