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Susan Horvath

Susan Horvath 
ROM Governors
President & CEO

You made our dino soar! 
Thank you for generously supporting our Zuul crowdfunding! You raised $102,000 for ROM experts to digitize and prepare this one-of-a kind dinosaur fossil. The ROM is grateful to the Temerty Foundation for matching every donation! Zuul will be featured in Zuul: Life of an Armoured Dinosaur, presented by Sinking Ship Entertainment.

Not long ago, I watched a family arrive at the ROM and catching sight of a Norse ship in the Thorsell Spirit House, their small daughter pointed and shouted, “Vikings, Daddy!” with pure, contagious joy.

The world for too many children is not as joyous, exciting and filled with opportunity. The barriers vulnerable kids and adults face can be economic, social, physical or health-related. Our Museum has an important role in fostering health and wellbeing: as a trusted guardian of precious objects, a safe setting for personal growth and a social connector.

Discovery, community and inclusion guide everything we do . We know that engaging with artifacts and participating in public programs can stimulate physical and mental health and deepen empathy and understanding. We offer specialized programs for people with various health conditions, annually distribute over 100,000 admission passes to newcomers through the ROM Community Access Network and bring the ROM to underserved neighbourhoods and children with ROM in my Backyard.

Our big-hearted donors, patrons, sponsors and volunteers offer support so kids can experience and make the ROM their own—through active learning programs, camps, family and community days. 

Thank you for making it possible for everyone to access and experience wonder and discovery, which promote wellbeing in every sense of the word. We rely on your generosity and partnership to share the meaningful exhibitions, research and programs that continue to conjure a powerful sense of belonging for all.




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Reward your employees with exclusive benefits such as free admission, exhibitions previews, special events and behind-the-scenes tours. 

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Charitable gift planning can help families become better stewards of their wealth, reduce or eliminate taxes, and leave a lasting legacy.


Making a Difference

Sponsor speaking at the opening of Mesopotamia: Inventing our world.
A Historic Gift ►

In 2017, The Slaight Family Foundation announced a $12M donation to be shared by the ROM and 14 other not-for-profit organizations committed to improving the well-being of Indigenous populations. 

Exhibit patrons preview Mesopotamia: Inventing Our World.Special Sneak Peek ►

With your support, the ROM's Dawn of Life Gallery will help us today to understand the world we’ll live in tomorrow.