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Susan Horvath

Susan Horvath 
ROM Governors
President & CEO

“By supporting the Blue Whale exhibition in a small way, you can join hundreds of donors in an effort to bring the blue whale to the ROM and participate in a massive expression of our thanks."

The ROM installed a life-size cast of the mighty Futalognkosaurus in the Hyacinth Gloria Chen Crystal Court in 2012. One of the largest land animals ever to have walked the Earth, it often gives visitors their first moment of wonder and awe as they enter the Museum. 

Similar to dinosaurs, whales have long captured the public’s imagination. This was the case in 2014, when a ROM team recovered a blue whale that washed ashore in Newfoundland. Enabled by your generosity, the ROM seized the opportunity to study this endangered species.It was a massive undertaking and a story that quickly went viral.

Blue whales are among the largest animals to have lived on Earth and they highlight the urgent need for conservation of marine life and habitats. This important research continues at the Museum and now you can be a part of it!

By supporting the exhibition Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story in a small way, you can join hundreds of donors in an effort to bring the blue whale to the ROM and participate in a massive expression of our thanks. I hope you will join our epic journey by visiting or calling us at 416.586.5842.




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Inspired by a  ROM volunteer, a new grant will celebrate the splendour and influence of Indian textile arts in perpetuity. 

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