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Susan Horvath

Susan Horvath 
ROM Governors
President & CEO

Your support is critical for the ROM to deliver on its inclusive, expansive and ever-important mission
It has a real impact, and so do you. We are so very grateful for your belief and commitment.

Everyone who enters the ROM is greeted by an enormous Futalognkosaurus, which sets the stage for our superb dinosaur collection, which has captivated both children and adults for more than a century. We are well known for our dinosaurs.

What’s not as well known, however, is that behind our public-facing collections is a comprehensive program of groundbreaking research and renowned global leadership in scholarship. We are always making new discoveries in the field. Just last year, ROM palaeontologists introduced the world to Zuul crurivastator, a new species of armoured dinosaur and the most complete skeleton of an ankylosaur ever found. Our experts are now busy preparing this landmark fossil for exhibition, thanks to your generosity!

At the ROM, we’re always learning something new and sharing that knowledge with the world; and every week, I am privileged to gain fresh knowledge about the Museum. For example, did you know that our fashion and textiles collection ranks third in the world? Or that Alexandra Palmer, ROM Senior Curator and the Nora E. Vaughan Fashion Costume Curator, is an international authority on Christian Dior? The experts who work in the House of Dior actually consider her book about the designer to be their “bible.”

The ROM’s excellence and influence are made possible with the extraordinary support we receive through our strong relationships with you, our donors. Your support is absolutely critical for the ROM to deliver on our inclusive, expansive and ever-important mission. It has a real impact, and so do you. We are so very grateful for your belief and commitment.




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Making a Difference

Sponsor speaking at the opening of Mesopotamia: Inventing our world.
A Historic Gift ►

In 2017, The Slaight Family Foundation announced a $12M donation to be shared by the ROM and 14 other not-for-profit organizations committed to improving the well-being of Canada’s Indigenous populations. 

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With your support, the ROM's Dawn of Life Gallery will help us today to understand the world we’ll live in tomorrow.