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ROM Magazine features an engaging, in-depth look into the Museum’s exhibitions, research, and collections. Highlighting world-leading scholarship, new initiatives, and recent acquisitions, the magazine brings to life some of the Museum’s most exciting and fascinating stories.

The illustrator-author’s short but illustrious career established his name as one of the most important graphic artists of the late 19th century

A new ecosystem-emulating exhibition is an ode to biodiversity—something its curator is fighting to protect.

Garth Lenz's images of industrial landscapes are vital testimonials to the deep impact human activity has made on this planet. Lenz's award-winning photographs are a commentary on planetary beauty, growing distrust in media, and the effects of the Anthropocene.

The 2005 Venezuela expedition B-team sets up camp on an upper Orinoco River beach in the shadow of Cerro Duida.

ROM’s Curator of Fishes on the origins of his 19-year partnership with contemporary artist David Brooks

Recognizing one of Spain's finest artists—and the country's first documented woman sculptor.

How a mycology tech found more than 100 “lost” specimens—all over a century old

Two new paintings by Wu Lan-Chiann mark the start of the Lunar New Year, showcasing the popularity of the dragon motif in Chinese art and culture. 

Image credit Niio Perkins Designs

Cast away winter blues by indulging in some retail therapy 

How fishing as a ritual gives us a chance to connect with nature and create new memories.

Meet the new butterfly in your neighbourhood

Epidemic disease seen through a painting.

In the fight to save Earth, natural history museums are a North Star.

A Q&A with the Manager of Indigenous Learning and Programs at ROM

Crawford Lake is selected as proposed site to mark the dawn of the Anthropocene.

Canada Post puts 14th-century bowl on a new stamp to mark Eid festivals.

Faced with multiple global tipping points, scientists are considering new ways of thinking and acting.

Courtship gifts from the Italian Renaissance