Collections: Natural History

Natural History

The Department of Natural History collections comprise one of the largest holdings of natural history specimens in Canada, and are recognized internationally. Staff members conduct research in areas of particular strength in our collections and where our curators have a special expertise. We are actively involved in studying the diversity, evolutionary relationships, distribution, and conservation of living species; in researching and displaying fossilized plants and animals from all over the world; and in acquiring and studying the best examples of minerals, gems, meteorites and rocks from our planet and solar system.

Natural History Collections

  • Plants

    1,181,000 Specimens
  • Minerals & Gems

    68,800 Specimens
  • Rocks & Ores

    36,700 Specimens
  • Meteorites

    4,000 Specimens
  • Insects & Arachnids

    5,291,000 Specimens
  • Reptiles & Amphibians

    80,500 Specimens
  • Fishes

    1,529,000 Specimens
  • Invertebrate Fossils

    471,400 Specimens
  • Invertebrates

    1,265,000 Specimens
  • Mammals

    124,000 Specimens
  • Fungi

    592,200 Specimens
  • Birds

    204,500 Specimens
  • Vertebrate Fossils

    125,400 Specimens