Tattoos: 7 Common Styles

Posted: July 21, 2016 - 08:00 , by ROM
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The Tattoos exhibition features many different kinds of tattoos both historical and contemporary. There are seven basic contemporary tattoo styles listed below. Let us know in the comments if you have ink that fit in one of these styles. 

1. Japanese  

Tattoo of a Japanese styled dragon on an arm

Often derived from watercolour inspired artwork, as well as word and phrase tattoos.

2. New School

Tattoo of three birds surrounded by a pink flower

Wild, comic book style, featuring imagined worlds and vivid colours.

3. Tribal

Tattoo on an arm with a geometric tribal design

Derived from ancient tribal art, usually solid black, somewhat random comilation of lines and curves.

4. American Traditional

A colourful tattoo of a tattooed sailor surrounded by two American flags and a banner overtop

Military themed, eagles, flags, pin-up girls and such, these tattoos offer basic designs and colours.

5. Black and Grey

Black and white photograph of an avenging angel tattoo

These tattoos rely on shading and variation in tone and colour. Often depicting protrait style images, they have their roots in street culture.

5. Portraits

A photograph of a man's back, two girl's portraits are featured above the shoulder

A realistic image of a person's face, based on a detailed photograph. Designs often portray a beloved relatve or celebrity.

7. Dotwork

detailed drawing of a crescent moon, moth and gemstone with a faint diamond boarder

These tattoos are created using only tiny dots of ink in place of shaded colour. Often geometric in design.

How To See It: Tattoos runs until September 5, 2016.