Member Profile: Rapid Fire Questions With Ian Leaver

Posted: August 30, 2016 - 08:00 , by ROM
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A photograph of a young man in a blue sweater standing in front of three Roman busts.

Ian Leaver is a 25-year-old ROM Member with autism who visits the Museum often, touring the exhibitions and spending time with other ROM visitors and staff. Ian's mother, Wendy, says that although Ian does not ask many questions due to his disability, his visits to the ROM have brought out a curiosity she has not seen in him before.

What inspired your first visit to the ROM?

I like Dinosaurs and my sister gave me a Membership.

How would you describe the ROM to a friend who had never visited the Museum before?

The people are friendly and there is a lot to see.

If you could bring one person to visit the ROM with you, who would it be?

My mom: she always takes care of me.

Could you describe your experience at the ROM?

It is a quiet and comfortable place for me to spend time.

If you were to plan a perfect day out with your family, what would you plan to do before and after your visit to the ROM?

I would go out to lunch before the ROM and afterwards I would like to go to a movie.

Are there specific places in the Museum you find yourself coming back to visit?

I like the ancient Egyptian gallery and the mummy. I also like the dinosaurs.

What do you consider the greatest benefit to your ROM Membership?

I can go there every weekend. THe people are so welcoming. It feels godo to be there. The staff are great.

Have you had any fun and interesting experiences at the ROM that we haven't asked about?

When I spend a day at the Museum, I often enjoy my lunch in the cafeteria. 


Originally published in the Spring 2016 of the ROM Magazine