A Maya Inspired Holiday

Posted: January 4, 2012 - 10:04 , by royal

It seems that Maya: Secrets of Their Ancient World has inspired some really interesting holiday activities. Meet the Futterer Family! Inspired by Maya, they built the temple at Chichen Itza out of gingerbread as their traditional gingerbread house this Christmas.

The idea was suggested by 25-year-old Allie Futterer, designed by 28-year-old Max Futterer, and baked and executed by both of them and Max’s girlfriend Jennifer Funk, age 28.

We love to see how your experiences at the Museum bring your imagination to life at home. If you have a similar story, please send them along. A special thank you to Allie, Max and Jennifer for sharing these photos and their story. The family has donated the temple to Nellie’s Shelter. We’re sure it will bring a smile to the faces of many women and children this new year.