David Krause & our FINAL Dinosaur Day!

Posted: December 5, 2012 - 21:55 , by Kiron Mukherjee
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Just like the non-avian dinosaurs, our Dino Days have come to an end. This Saturday December 8th, marks our last Dinosaur Day of the 2012 season.

Majungasaurus trying to take flight. #forevertrying

Majungasaurus trying to take flight. #forevertrying

It’s been a remarkable pleasure to bring world leading palaeontologists out of their work in the field, and into the ROM to talk dinosaurs, the prehistoric world, and most importantly, the importance of dinosaurs to children’s education.

To close out our Dino Days series we have Canadian David Krause, an absolutely remarkable palaeontologist. I like David Krause for a two main reasons.
  • Go to #ultimatedinos. Then walk over to the Madagascar section. Krause’s name is ALL OVER IT. His work in the finds of RahonavisSimosuchus, and Majungasaurus is legendary. 
Rahonavis is probably one the most beautiful dinosaurs I’ve ever seen.
Rahonavis is probably one the most beautiful dinosaurs I’ve ever seen. 
Simosuchus is the cutest crocodile cousin.
Simosuchus is the cutest crocodile cousin. 
Majungasaurus. Well, just look at those lil’ arms.
Majungasaurus. Welljust look at those lil’ arms.
  • His absolute commitment to Madagascar. Madagascar has a wonderfully rich dinosaur past. Like the badlands of Alberta, you can walk through parts of Madagascar and struggle NOT to step on a dinosaur bone. But more than just going back year after year to discover and learn more about dinosaurs, Krause has helped give back to the community that has given him, and palaeontology, so much. Krause’s Ankizy Fund has done incredible work in helping develop the health of children in Madagascar.
Our Dinosaur Day runs from 11 to 4. Krause’s meet & greet is from 1 to 2, and his lecture is from 2 to 3. See you this Saturday for our final Dinosaur Day of 2012! 
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