The Butterflies of Toronto

Posted: October 5, 2011 - 13:38 , by royal

To educate and foster appreciation for these much-loved colourful insects, the City of Toronto, in partnership with the ROM and Livegreen Toronto, has published a new book, Butterflies of Toronto: A Guide to their Remarkable World. With hundreds of full-colour photographs, this new publication shares the local history of butterflies and details on where they live in Toronto. It is part of a Biodiversity Series being produced by the City to commemorate the Year of Biodiversity 2010. Other booklets in the works include Spiders, Trees and Shrubs, Mammals, Fishes, and Reptiles and Amphibians. You may remember Birds of Toronto (2009) — it is hoped that it will be reprinted.

Book cover image.

Butterflies of Toronto: A Guide to their Remarkable World (2011)

Antonia Guidotti, ROM entomologist and bug expert, and a team of volunteer authors contributed countless hours and an array of knowledge to bring the butterflies to life. Don’t miss the butterfly checklist on page 40! You can keep track of your sightings. The list of plants that butterflies and caterpillars use will be a useful tool for any gardener wanting to encourage these beautiful creatures!

Whether you are a butterfly enthusiast, a nature nut, or just interested in learning more about your city, don’t miss out on this book. You can pick up your free (that’s right, I said free) copy at your local Toronto Public Library branch while they last.

[Editor's note: The publication will be available at the end of the October on a  first come, first served basis].