August Rock, Gem, Mineral, Fossil, and Meteorite ID Clinic

Posted: August 27, 2015 - 12:54 , by royal
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Plesiosaur vertbra

The ROM's August ID clinic had a steady flow of visitors up to the museum closing at 5:30pm.


Overall, we had 93 specimens identified and 35 people attend our ID clinic to have their treasures identified.

We had 18 meteor-wrongs, 18 gems and 57 fossils come through our doors. The Fossil team of Kevin Seymour and Janet Waddington were busy but were happy to have the first Plesiosaur vertbra ever brought in for identification.


Thanks to the Friends of Palaeo that donate their time to help run these ID clinics and provide a touch table and thanks to the Mineralogy volunteers, Sharlaine Letwin and Tony Steede. Next ID clinic is slated for October 14th starting at 4:00pm, 2B lunchroom space. 

Photos by Marianne Mader 

ROm staff identifying visitor's treasures.

ROM staff at a table identifying visitors' treasures.

Close up of Plesiosaur vertbra

Gems from the ID clinic at the ROM