The ABCs of Rosedale

Posted: May 8, 2012 - 11:15 , by royal
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By Regina Virgo, ROMWalk Volunteer

Did you know that South Rosedale is a Heritage Conservation District (HCD)? It is protected because its buildings are considered to be historically or culturally significant and require special care and attention to ensure that they are conserved. The application for the HCD designation was due, in part, to the loss of a number ofRosedalehomes to demolition or unsympathetic alterations.

Every building in South Rosedalehas been evaluated and given a rating.

  • “A” buildings are individually outstanding and have actual or potential national or provincial significance.
  • “B” buildings are noteworthy for their overall quality and have citywide significance.
  • “C” buildings contribute to the heritage character and context of the neighbourhood.
  • “Unrated” buildings are not of national, provincial, citywide or contextual heritage

Don’t miss our Rosedale II ROMwalk.  You’ll see and hear about many wonderful buildings including the A rated Lorne Hall which is one of the earliest remaining Rosedale buildings. Lorne Hall was designed by the prominent architectural firm of Langley, Langley and Burke for William Davies. A later resident was the notorious William Perkins Bull.

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