#5Reasons to come to @ROMToronto this weekend!

Posted: October 19, 2012 - 00:02 , by Kiron Mukherjee

So this weekend @ROMToronto? Kind of a big deal. On Saturday we’re covering all things archaeology and Sunday we’re doing the same with palaeontology. Maybe the two best ologies!

Archaeologist Clemens talking with a kid about archaeology.


It’s National Archaeology Day, and, of course, we’re taking part in a BIG way! We got a whole wack of activities, touchables, digs, archaeologists on the floor AND lectures. Check out what our Archaeology Weekend was like last year to get a taste. Kate Cooper, ROM Archaeologist heading the Museum’s effort, wrote a blog on it all. Going to be a jam.

Masiakasaurus. Scott Sampson’s had a *bit* to do with this guy.


I don’t have to say much. @DrScottSampson, palaeontologist and @DinosaurTrain star is coming to @ROMToronto for our latest Dino Day. I know. This is tooooo good. In fact, his lecture sold out well over a month ago. But don’t fret, still an opportunity to meet this STAR before his lecture at our meet and greet. Obviously we also have @ROMPalaeo on the floor talking about their finds, and some super swell activities. You know it’ll be good.

But let me break it down for you with five AWESOME reasons you should come chill with us this weekend.

National Archaeology Day logo

5. Join us for National Archaeology Day, and you’ll be part of an event that over 100 museums are taking part in. Even got a hashtag!

Reproduction archaeology dig with dinosaur in the background.

4. With different themes, activities, special guests, digs, EVERYTHING, between the Saturday and the Sunday, coming both days provides you with a whole range of opportunities!

3. Get a sneak peek of our next big special exhibit, Wonders of Mesopotamia! ROM Archaeologist Clemens Reichel opens up the lectures on Saturday with a very special talk on this upcoming smash! If thought our dinosaurs were ULTIMATE, Mesopotamia is going to be WONDERFUL! By the way, the lectures are FREE with admission!

Scott Sampson looking epic in this Jedrzej Borowczyk photo.

2. @DrScottSampson. That’s it. Him. He’s so awesome. And he takes his job as an educator so seriously. Rarely have seen someone who can speak to both kids and adults in such a responsabile, respectful and inspiring way. And remember “Get up, get outside and get into nature!”.

1. #museumheroes. I gotta be real, nothing better than meeting your hero. We got archaeologists and palaeontologists on the floor this weekend. Huge opportunity here!

See you this weekend! And join us on twitter and tumblr for all the action!