The Museum Makers Mural!

Posted: July 14, 2013 - 22:14 , by Kiron Mukherjee
Hi, we are the Museum Makers from Session 1 of Summer Club 2013! We made this extraordinary mural for the Royal Ontario Museum.
We chose specific drawings to represent different galleries in the museum. For example, we chose different plants and animals to represent the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity. On the other hand, the ROM's collection of Greek and Roman artifacts are symbolized by the Parthenon. A totem pole was chosen to illustrate the First Nations' gallery. Also, the Chinese gallery is represented by a Chinese lion. The knight was drawn to show off the  European gallery. (P.S. don't go into this gallery at night; it is haunted by ghosts!

We started off this mural with a rough sketch of artifacts from the ROM catalogues in our classroom. Then, we began to draw the mural on the wall outside of the South Entrance. Some struggles that we faced were figuring out how to lay out the images and drawing them out on the wooden wall in pencil. Our solutions were to change the sizes and add some additional ones, and to draw them with permanent marker. When you visit the ROM, we hope you will come and see our mural! It will be up for the rest of the Summer.

This post was written by our Museum Makers group, ages 11 to 14. Museum Makers was taught by Erin Kerr. The background: we're fixing our roof, which necessitates lots of scaffolding around the south end of the Museum, and our entrance. Anyone who's ever seen scaffolding knows what a beautiful canvas it makes, so we made a pitch to paint it! Shout out to everyone in senior management who gave this beautifying project the green light and thank you to our campers for such amazing work!

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