The Cat's Tomb

Posted: May 24, 2013 - 13:30 , by royal
Image of cat's eyes

Ancient Egypt's most purrfectly prized pet is buried right here inside the ROM!

Long before dogs were known as ‘man’s best friend’, cats were the most favoured pets by the ancient Egyptians. The Cat's Tomb exhibit showcases a 2500 year-old mummified cat wrapped in linen bandages. However, what makes this cat extraordinary is that it is missing its mask. You can view the cat as it sleeps eternally with its eyes closed, ears folded back, and teeth exposed!

Learn how cats belonging to owners of the elite status were buried, the treasures these cats were buried with, as well as the important roles that cats played in ancient Egyptian society. 

The Cat’s Tomb will only be on display for a short time in the Ancient Egypt Gallery during the summer of 2013. Bring your family and friends and experience this spectacularly rare exhibit! It’s the cat’s meow!

By Amyn Adatia