National Volunteer Week 2016 | Volunteer Spotlight: Joe Moysiuk

Posted: April 11, 2016 - 17:05 , by Jaclyn Qua-Hiansen
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Man with goggles and a white helmet stands on a rocky mountaintop holding two pieces of fossilized rock. Bare trees and rocks are behind him, and a co-worker drills into a rock a few feet behind, and in the background is a range of sloping green mountains.

By: Peter Fenton

Joe Moysiuk is a volunteer in the ROM Invertebrate Palaeobiology team

Joe Moysiuk has been involved with the ROM since he was a young child, collecting fossils and bringing them here for identification. Joe joined the ROM "officially" in 2012 as a highschool coop student so he could learn more about the career path he wanted to follow.  His affiliation with us didn't end there.  Joe continued to volunteer with the ROM Invertebrate Palaeobiology team, helping us with collections reorganization, data entry, identification clinics and fossil preparation. Eventually his demonstrated abilities, and his eagerness for work and a challenge, resulted in his invitation to become a member of three field expeditions to British Columbia.


Taking on a volunteer is so much more than getting another pair of hands. It's a way of nurturing minds while being paid back with the enthusiasm, talents, and the fresh eyes and brain of someone who loves to work in your field. Volunteers invigorate you.

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