Moonbird re-sighting

Posted: May 30, 2014 - 09:13 , by royal
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The orange flag on this Red Knot's leg indicates it was banded in Argentina.

Back in 1995 ROM ornithologist Dr. Allan Baker was part of an international team that banded a small shorebird in Argentina, a Red-knot soon to become dubbed Moonbird, with a leg band with the number B95 on it. Since then Allan and his team at the ROM along with a growing community of partners has followed the birds as they migrate back and forth between Canada’s sub-arctic and the tip of the western hemisphere.  Most of you, our members and dedicated followers know this story well – it is one of hope and amazement. 

This week, against all odds, “Moonbird” or B95 was sighted again – now the oldest known bird of the species, some 21 years old – in Delaware Bay.  ROM technician and birder Mark Peck was on site with Patricia Gonzalez and colleagues when the sighting occurred. 

Read more about Patricia’s reaction to the sighting; photo is from Allan Baker.

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