A Life of Service

Marguerite Low

Growing up in Northern Ontario, Marguerite Low was raised to be of service to others—from Brownies and Girl Guides to church and health care service groups. Today, as a dedicated member of the Department of Museum Volunteers, she continues to fulfill this purpose, bringing ROM objects and stories to life for thousands of visitors each year. Last year, she was honoured with the Ontario Volunteer Service Award for her 25 years of outstanding service at the Museum.

In addition to time, talent and energy, Marguerite’s contributions also include philanthropy. She is a Past Co-Chair of the Friends of Palaeontology and is currently a member of the Royal Patron Circle as well as an executive member of the Currelly Legacy Society. We asked her about her relationship with the ROM, her experience as a volunteer and what motivates her support for the Museum.

Why do you love the ROM and what areas do you support?
“I’m keenly interested in science and have a great affection for all creatures; how they evolved, their environment and more importantly the future. My main area of support is Palaeontology. I am looking forward to the opening of the Dawn of Life Gallery with tremendous anticipation.”

What is your favourite ROM experience?
“That's like asking, which is your favourite child? Let's say Life Sciences in general—dinosaurs, mammals, birds and what would we do without plants? As a Docent, when giving a Natural History tour, I always try to mention the ichthyosaurs, as oftentimes they sit in the shadow of the dinosaurs. Another must is the Dodo.”

Why is it important for people to support the ROM—both today and for the future?
“We need art, culture and nature to enrich our lives and inform the journey. By leaving a gift in my will to the ROM, I can continue to share these experiences with future generations.”

You've been associated with the ROM for over 30 years. How has the Museum changed during that time?
The ROM is more engaging and welcoming—physically and socially. Recent years have brought a wider range of exhibitions and programming with accessibility at the forefront. I also see the museum embracing the future but always respectful of our past. Museums after all are repositories of knowledge.

To learn more about leaving a legacy at the ROM, please contact Janice Correa at janicec@rom.on.ca.