A Legacy of Knowledge for Future Generations

Patricia Haug and her husband Kjell on their wedding day. Photo courtesy Haug Estate Trustee Molly Yeoman.

Patricia Haug and her husband Kjell on their wedding day. Photo courtesy Haug Estate Trustee Molly Yeoman.

A lifelong champion of curiosity and creative thinking, Patricia Haug devoted her retirement years to her community and educating the younger generation. Committed to the ROM, she often referred to it as her second home. So, to ensure that future generations have the opportunity to experience the wonder of the Museum, Pat established a transformative legacy gift to create a lasting impact that would bring her visions to life.   

A graduate of the University of Toronto Bachelor of Arts, Archaeology in 1949, Pat spent many years with her husband in Norway running a very successful turkey farm. On his passing, she returned to Canada, secured certification in teaching English as a second language from the University and immediately became involved with the Museum.    

Pat joined the ROM’s Department of Museum Volunteers (DMV) in 1987, serving on many Committees and participating in numerous DMV projects. As a Museum Docent, she was fond of sharing the stories behind various objects and specimens in the galleries with visitors, especially children. From 1992 to 1998, she served on the DMV Board, holding several volunteer leadership positions, including that of President. Passionate about her work, her exceptional knowledge always sparked engaging conversations among family, friends, colleagues and Museum visitors.   

Generous and wise with finances, Pat contributed to many organizations throughout her lifetime, thoughtfully directing each gift where it would have the most impact. Her visionary estate planning was driven by her determination to ensure that support for her favourite charities would continue beyond her lifetime. As a tribute to her late husband, and her love for the ROM, it was Pat’s wish to create a named endowment fund through her bequest.  

“In the establishment of the Patricia and Kjell Endowment Fund in support of research at the ROM, Pat leaves a legacy that reflects her commitment to the values of education and community,” explains Molly Yeomans, family friend and Estate Trustee. “It was her curiosity regarding our world, and the people who inhabit it, that was fundamental to who she was.”   

The ROM is deeply grateful for Pat’s 32 years of dedicated service and her very generous estate gift; the latter provides vital funding for ROM’s research that will enable the Museum to further advance studies that foster and showcase art, nature and culture for future generations. 

Gifts of any size are appreciated and strengthen the ROM’s future. To learn more about the various ways you can legacy at the Museum, please contact Janice Correa at janicec@rom.on.ca.