Currelly Legacy Society


In recognition of those who have made a future gift commitment to benefit the Museum, ROM invites legacy donors to become members of the Charles Trick & Ada Mary Currelly Legacy Society.

Named after the first director of the Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology and his wife, the Currelly Legacy Society offers special lectures and luncheons with ROM curatorial staff. Currelly Legacy Society members enjoy exclusive year-round access to Museum curators and technicians who recount their research or highlight the focus of a new exhibition. Members are invited to private ROM events and recognition of their generosity is acknowledged in the ROM’s Annual Report and on the Museum Builders Donor Wall in Samuel Hall Currelly Gallery.

Learn how you can Leave a Legacy.

If you wish to leave a lasting legacy at ROM or have already included ROM in your estate plans, please do let us know so that with your permission we may recognize your future gift by confirming your membership in the Charles Trick & Ada Mary Currelly Legacy Society.

For more information on ways you can make a lasting impact at ROM please contact Janice Correa, AVP, Legacy & Estates, at 416.586.5578 or

Passion Stories (pdf)
Lives and Legacies Series (pdf)
Gift Confirmation Form (pdf)