Quarterback of Culture

Rob Pierce

Wander ROM’s galleries and you will find countless examples of legendary champions – statues of Rama, amphoras depicting Athena, colourful prints of Gandhi, a towering T. rex. But ROM has another kind of champion too – tireless supporters like Rob Pierce.

An advocate of cultural philanthropy, Rob speaks keenly about the vital need to support institutions like ROM as critical parts of a flourishing cultural and economic ecosystem. “The impact of culture is so great,” says Rob, “Industries like healthcare and education attract a lot of philanthropic attention, but a vibrant, thriving culture is essential to attract the top talent in these fields to Toronto. ROM not only provides inspiration and information, it also raises the profile of our city.”

In service of this mission, Rob has volunteered on ROM’s Board of Governors for nearly 25 years, including serving as Chair for seven. Initially “voluntold” to join by friend, mentor and then-Chair, Ken Harrigan, Rob quickly became increasingly involved with countless committees, initiatives, campaigns and fundraising events. In 2019, he was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Distinguished Service Award, the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a ROM volunteer. He has been dubbed ROM’s ‘quarterback of culture,’ for his steadfast service and extraordinary contributions.

Rob has also named ROM as a beneficiary in his will and in doing so joins the Currelly Legacy Society, a visionary group of donors who are ensuring the enduring impact of the Museum. “I’ve donated to ROM in many ways,” says Rob, “But adding the Museum to my estate will hopefully leave a more lasting gift to support its people and curatorial initiatives. It’s ROM’s people that make it all happen.”

“My whole life has been enriched by ROM,” he adds, “It is a truly great Canadian institution. It inspires me and so many visitors from around the world. But cultural institutions don’t receive enough philanthropic attention and ROM needs our support.”

Including ROM in your estate plans is an impactful way to protect and enhance ROM as a beacon of culture. To learn more, contact Janice Correa at janicec@rom.on.ca.