Learning by Heart

Nearly two decades after receiving an invitation to attend a curatorial event at ROM, the Museum has become like a second home to Neera Chopra and her husband, Deepak. They became members of the Royal Patrons Circle and Neera was drawn to contributing in a more meaningful way. She began volunteering with gusto, chairing the Friends of South Asia committee, co-chairing ROM Ball 2019, and serving two terms as a ROM Trustee.

Among the many hats she wears, Neera often volunteers as a gallery interpreter. “For me, the learning process is the most rewarding part,” she muses. “I’ll learn about an exhibition, an object, share that knowledge with visitors, and they share something new back with me! I didn’t expect to be so involved in learning later in life, but ROM has enriched my life in many ways I didn’t expect.”  

Like so many, Neera’s parents moved to Canada in search of a better life and a good education for their children. “Education has always been key for us as a family,” says Neera. “And my parents knew how much I cherish the continued learning I get from ROM. So, you can imagine how touched I was when they decided to include ROM in their will as a loving gesture to me.” 

That gesture became the catalyst for Neera and Deepak to establish the Chopra Family Legacy Fund with continuing contributions during their lifetime and a future gift in their will. “We decided to establish the fund now so we can build on it over time and so that our family can continue this legacy for years to come,” Neera explains. “It’s vitally important to us that we help sustain the stories ROM tells, the traditions it protects and the bridges it builds.” 

Acknowledging the Museum’s role as a unique custodian of world heritage, she adds, “I want future generations to feel that same sense of belonging and connection, to have opportunities to learn about their own and other cultures and histories, about science and the natural world, about art and how it enriches our lives.” 

By establishing the Chopra Family Legacy Fund, Neera and Deepak join the Currelly Legacy Society, a visionary group of donors who are ensuring the enduring impact of ROM. They also enjoy special benefits, like exclusive events and opportunities for continued learning throughout their lifetimes.  

To learn more about establishing a fund or leaving a legacy in your will – and embracing the learning and connection ROM can bring to your own life – please contact janicec@rom.on.ca