A Gift to Future Generations

Thomas Charles Messecar Logan

During his decades as an elementary school teacher, Thomas Charles Messecar Logan was devoted to inspiring brighter futures for young people. And though he passed away in March 2022, his impact will continue thanks to his generous estate gift to ROM.

“Thomas believed in the power of the arts to transform lives – especially those of young people,” says close friend and estate executor, Matthew Wicks. “I’m sure that he chose ROM because he believed the Museum would play a significant role in the education and enlightenment of the next generation.”

Born in Brantford, Ontario in 1925, Thomas had a lifelong passion for the arts. He was a member of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and an alumnus of the Royal Conservatory of Music, which is where he also met his life partner Patricia Jane Hislop. His love of music never waned and in his later years, he generously supported scholarships designed to help students at the Conservatory to reach their potential.

In addition to music, Thomas was also fascinated with history and culture. He had a sizable coin collection – including gold, silver, and platinum in currencies from around the world. His art collection boasted original paintings by American painter John Clymer, and First Nations basketry and totem poles, as well as art and pottery pieces of Asian origin. These collections were sold through various auction companies and the proceeds were divided among his many beneficiaries – including ROM, where his generosity will support the Museum’s highest priorities. 

ROM is deeply grateful to be a part of Thomas’s legacy. Through his philanthropy, his legacy will live on and inspire future generations of art and culture enthusiasts.