Meet Claude Tambu, YPC Chair

A YPC member since 2011, Claude Tambu is a Senior Infrastructure Consultant at Tuor Networks Inc. He grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a world traveller and an avid runner. We sat down with Claude to learn more about his philanthropy and love for the ROM.

Why did you join YPC?
To meet and connect with like-minded young professionals who have a passion for arts and culture.

What do you like best about being a Young Patron of the ROM?
I get private, behind-the-scenes access and vault tours that I would not otherwise experience. Interacting with curators and other staff and asking pertinent questions (and getting the answers!) makes the experience even better. And above all, knowing this is done while getting involved in the community and making a difference at the ROM is so special.

Describe the ROM in one word.

Tell us one of your favourite ROM memories.
I loved hearing about the painting restoration process on a behind-the-scenes visit with the ROM’s senior paintings conservator, Heidi Sobol. It was fascinating to learn how she uses this Japanese glue and the amount of work and time it takes to restore just an inch of a damaged painting.

What do you love most about the ROM?
The staggering amount of history the ROM has within its walls and through its collections. You can learn so much and have these “aha” moments that seem to send you back in time.

If you could have anything from the ROM’s collections, what would you choose?
The Chinese emperor robe is one of my favourite objects.

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