Investing in Education and the Geosciences

As a lead donor to the Museum’s Love the ROM Centennial Campaign, Hatch—a global engineering, technology, and professional services firm—has demonstrated a deep commitment to supporting communities by investing in dynamic educational initiatives and advancing higher education in science, technology and math.
Hatch has generously contributed a leadership gift of $3 million in support of the ROM Director’s Fund, a Managing Director of ROM Earth & Space, a university graduate and post doctorate fund, and the acquisition of the Kirwin Collection, a celebrated collection of 22,000 ores and minerals.

“Hatch is proud to invest in the future of education and learning initiatives at the ROM,” says John Bianchini, CEO and President of Hatch, and member of the ROM Board of Governors. “Hatch’s commitment to innovation and excellence begins with inspiring early learning in educational institutions such as the ROM.”

The ROM is excited to partner with Hatch to help expand students’ horizons, encouraging them to dream big and become tomorrow’s global leaders. Whether ROM visitors are holding a piece of Mars in wonder at age six or learning the fine points of ore deposits as a post-secondary students, together we can inspire students to take on the challenges and exciting opportunities in science and technology-based careers, which benefit our community and lead to a brighter future.