Shanghai Kaleidoscope | Roloff Beny Gallery, Level 4

May 4, 2008 to November 2, 2008

This unprecedented view of one of the world’s most dynamic cities examines Shanghai as a laboratory for 21st-century urban creation. Leading artists, architects and fashion designers provide an insider's view of the high-speed, high-density, high-rise culture that is rapidly emerging in China's largest city.

What started out as a bustling seaport known for its corruption, casinos and opium trade has quickly become one of the world’s most forward-thinking cities. From the Bund to Pudong, Shanghai has transformed itself into a leading destination. Business peoples, designers, investors and tourists collide in what is a remarkable cultural and urban whirl.

Shanghai Kaleidoscope presents four key aspects of the city's vibrant culture: architecture, urban design, contemporary art, and fashion. The exhibition will bring together an adventurous mix of architectural models and digital simulations; designer fashion apparel, drawings and runway videos; and paintings, photo-works and video installations by the city's leading contemporary artists.


Shanghai Kaleidoscope, edited by Christopher Phillips, offers an unprecedented view of one of the world's most dynamic cities and examines Shanghai as a laboratory for 21st-century urban creation. Available for sale in the ROM Museum Store, the illustrated catalogue retails for $65 (Hard Cover) and $45 (Soft Cover). More Information

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