Current Exhibitions

Dunkleosteus intermedius
A display of spectacular pieces in anticipation of the new Dawn of Life gallery.
Souvenir is a multi-media installation that uses 2000 blackened souvenir spoons to challenge stereotypical representations of Black Canadians, as it illustrates the persistent positioning – as displayed, displaced and disappeared © Chantal Gibson
January 27, 2018 to April 22, 2018

Upcoming Exhibitions

Brown dress
Look beyond fashion and explore the endless possibilities that come from interweaving design, art, and technology.
Close up of a yellow spider
From spinning webs, dancing, swimming, to even losing a limb and growing it back, spiders are one of the most amazing animals on the planet.
Sketch drawing of Zuul crurivastator's head
Come face to face with Zuul crurivastator (Zool CRUR-uh-vass-TATE-or), an exciting new species of armoured dinosaur recently unveiled by ROM scientists.
Intricate paintings, dazzling jewellery, meticulous textiles and luxury decorative arts tell stories of conquest, kingship, strategic alliances, gender roles and life at court.

Online Exhibitions

The Burgess Shale: The Virtual Museum of Canada
Take an online dive into a 500-million-year-old sea  
ROM Rotunda
Over 300 of our artifacts have been captured in extraordinary detail on the Google Art Project, which allows visitors to virtually tour ROM galleries and curate their own digital collections.