Brilliant Strokes: Chinese Paintings from the Mactaggart Art Collection | Herman Herzog Levy Gallery, Level 1

This exhibition highlights a group of magnificent Chinese paintings selected from the Mactaggart Art Collection, one of the most important collections of Chinese paintings and textiles in Canada. On display for the first time in Ontario, Brilliant Strokes consists of 17 works spanning the 15th century Ming dynasty to the 20th century. They reveal the distinctive styles favoured by artists in each era, as well as diversity in format, artistic trends, techniques and subject matter.

Don’t miss The Qianlong Emperor’s Southern Inspection Tour by Xu Yang. This 15-metre long handscroll details with impeccable craftsmanship the Qianlong emperor’s very first inspection tour to southern China in 1751.

The Mactaggart Art Collection was donated to the University of Alberta by Edmonton philanthropists Sandy and Cécile Mactaggart in 2005.