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Name Title Department
Gwen Adams Technician (Asian Collections) Art & Culture
Maryam Akrami Invertibrate Palaeontology Collections Technician Natural History
Carol Baum Technician (Canadiana) Art & Culture
Soren Brothers Allan and Helaine Shiff Curator of Climate Change Natural History
Mary Burridge Assistant Curator of Ichthyology Natural History
Chris Capobianco Technician, Database and Preparation Invertebrate Palaeontology Natural History
Jean-Bernard Caron Richard M. Ivey Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology Natural History
Charlotte Chaffey Archivist/Records Manager Library & Archives
Wen-chien Cheng Curator (Louise Hawley Stone Chair of East Asian Art) Art & Culture
Kristen Choffe DNA Lab Technician Natural History
Sue Chopra Budget Officer Natural History
Janet Cowan Senior Conservator, Paper
Helen Coxon Senior Conservator, Preventive Conservation
Doug Currie Senior Curator of Entomology Natural History
Christopher Darling Senior Curator of Entomology Natural History
Elizabeth Davis Library Technician Library & Archives
Jean Dendy Senior Conservator, Organic Materials Conservation
Paul Denis Assistant Curator (Greek, Etruscan, Roman & Byzantine) Art & Culture
Deepali Dewan Dan Mishra Curator of South Asian Art & Culture Art & Culture
Veronica Di Cecco Technician, Earth Sciences Natural History
Tim Dickinson Senior Curator Emeritus Natural History
Max Dionisio Librarian (Bishop White Committee Library of East Asia) Library & Archives
Danielle Dufault Vertebrate Palaeontology Natural History
Katherine Dunnell Technician, Earth Sciences Natural History
Cathy Dutton Administrative Assistant Natural History
Sarah Elliott Digital Content Producer, Facilitator Learning
Mark Engstrom Senior Curator and Deputy Director of Collections & Research Natural History
David C. Evans James and Louise Temerty Endowed Chair of Vertebrate Palaeontology (Dinosaurs) and Co-Chief Curator Natural History
Sarah Fee Senior Curator, Global Fashion & Textiles (Asia and Africa) Art & Culture
Tracey Forster Technician (Anthropology) Art & Culture
Arlene Gehmacher Curator (Canadian Paintings, Prints & Drawings) Canadiana Curatorship Art & Culture
Anne-Marie Guchardi Conservator, Textiles Conservation
Antonia Guidotti Technician, Entomology Natural History
Oliver Haddrath Ornithology Technician Natural History
April Hawkins Archaeology of the Americas Technician Art & Culture
Erling Holm Assistant Curator Natural History
Jack Howard Librarian - Retired, June 2015 Library & Archives
Brad Hubley Technician, Entomology and TMS Natural History
Brian Iwama Technician, Palaeonotology Natural History
Justin Jennings Curator (New World Archaeology) Art & Culture
Jennifer Kinnaird Collection Technician (European) Art & Culture
Charles-Étienne Lacroix Translator/revisor Audience
Kristiina Lahde Collection Technician Art & Culture
Amy Lathrop Technician, Herpetology Natural History
Steven Laurie Project Manager Exhibit Development & Project Management
Burton Lim Assistant Curator, Mammals Natural History
Laura Lipcsei Senior Conservator, Ceramics, Stone and Glass
Robert Little Curator, Mona Campbell Chair of Decorative Arts Art & Culture
Karla Livingston Senior Collection Technician Art & Culture
Diana Lu Administrative Assistant Art & Culture