Deepali Dewan

Deepali Dewan

Dan Mishra Curator of South Asian Arts & Culture

Area: World Cultures

Interests: History of Photography, 19th-century Decorative Arts, Colonialism & Modernity, Contemporary visual practice, Historiography

Exhibitions & Galleries: Sir Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery


  The Alkazi Collection of Photography. Raja Deen Dayal: Artist-Photographer in 19th Century India. Deepali and Deborah Huston.  Embellished Reality: Indian Painted Photographs. Towards a transcultural theory of photography.  Dwali. Bollywood Cinema Showcards: Indian Film Art from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Recent Publications

Year Publication
2017 Thy Phu, Elspeth Brown, Deepali Dewan. "The Family Camera Network." Photography and Culture, 10, 2, 147-163. (LINK)
2017 Deepali Dewan and Jennifer Orpana. "Family Photographs: Shaping Self, memory, and family narrative." ROM Magazine, Spring, 38-43. (PDF)
2016 Deepali Dewan. "Useful and Dangerous: Photography and the Madras School of Art, 1850-1873." in Rebecca Brown and Deborah Hutton, eds. Rethinking Place in South Asian and Islamic Art, 1500–present, Ashgate, 208-234. (LINK)
2016 Deepali Dewan. "Neo-Tantrism in the Diaspora: Youngo Verma (1938-2014)." Kundalini: Union of the Divine, Art Gallery of Mississauga, np. (PDF)
2016 Deepali Dewan. "A Tale of Two Mediums: Paint and Photography in Udaipur." ” in Molly Emma Aitken, ed. A Magical World, New Visions of Indian Painting, In Tribute to Ananda Coomaraswamy’s Rajput Painting of 1916, Mumbai, Marg Publications, 64-73. (LINK)


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Authored by: Deepali Dewan

Authored by: Deepali Dewan