Upcoming Exhibitions

Opens June 02, 2018

Look beyond fashion and explore the endless possibilities that come from interweaving design, art, and technology.

Opens June 02, 2018

Immerse, interact, and imagine in Philip Beesley: Transforming Space.

Opens June 16, 2018

From spinning webs, dancing, swimming, to even losing a limb and growing it back, spiders are one of the most amazing animals on the planet.

Opens September 01, 2018

Explore East Asian art in a different and provocative way when contemporary design meets traditional forms in Forming Design in East Asian Art.

Opens November 30, 2018

This new installation will showcase almost all of the Hal Jackman Toy Soldier Collection, which traces the historic life span of Britains Ltd., one of the world’s pioneers in the manufacturing of toy soldiers.

Opens December 01, 2018

Striking wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and the remarkable beauty of our natural world are captured in Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Opens December 15, 2018

Come face to face with Zuul crurivastator (Zool CRUR-uh-vass-TATE-or), an exciting new species of armoured dinosaur recently unveiled by ROM scientists.

Opens January 12, 2019

Experience these compelling and never-before-seen images through a uniquely spiritual and artistic lens in this ROM original exhibition.

Opens March 09, 2019

Intricate paintings, dazzling jewellery, meticulous textiles and luxury decorative arts tell stories of conquest, kingship, strategic alliances, gender roles and life at court.

Opens October 05, 2019

Discover how through trade-routes, encounters, and exchange, these cloths connected cultures and, quite literally, changed the world.