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exterior of Synagogue highlighing the windows
Free ROMWalk: Kensington - Oct 2.22

Sun Oct 2 – 2 to 3:30 pm approx

Join us as we wander through what was once the old Jewish Market, past late Victorian buildings that have undergone considerable change over the years, and onto the campus of the University of Toronto. Memories of times past mix with the modern life of condos, restaurants and music.
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Free ROMWalk: Rosedale II - Oct 9.22

Sun Oct 9 – 2 to 3:30 pm approx

Explore the tree-lined streets oft his prestigious enclave, the suburb of choice for Toronto’s wealthy citizens in the early 1900s.  We’ll view a National Historic Site and admire impressive domestic architecture built in a wide variety of styles over 150 years.
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Notre Place - Franco Ontarian Monument, Queen's Park.  Photo credit: Paul Vaculik.
ROMWalk Plus: Monuments in Memory: Queen's Park - October

Sunday, October 16, 2022, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Explore with us the history of remembering on a tour of the monuments in and around Queen’s Park. We will look at memorials of ordinary people and hear the stories of how they made Canadian history. We will discuss the style, purpose and subjects of memorials, and how they have changed over time.
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A dazzle of zebras, Tanzania, courtesy of Greg Spencer
ROMTravel - Tanzania: The Great Rift Valley with Bob McDonald

Wednesday March 1 to Tuesday March 14, 2023

  Have you ever wanted to experience the greatest animal migration on the face of the Earth… millions of animals on the move? Have you wanted to see the famous Olduvai Gorge and learn about the husband and wife team, Louis and Mary Leakey, who found some of the earliest human remains?  Do you want to see the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro and have a sundowner on the plains of the Serengeti? You can do all this with Canada’s great science storyteller, Bob McDonald of CBC’s “Quirks & Quarks”, with all the behind the scenes insights for which ROMTravel is renowned. SOLD OUT – Wait list only  
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A lush garden with fountains inside a courtyard.
ROMTravel - Highlights of Spain: Ancient and Modern

Monday May 15 to Wednesday May 31, 2023

Travel with us to the ancient city of Empúries, the Roman ruins at Tarragona, Mérida, Itálica and Cartagena, the magnificent Moorish palaces at Granada and Medina Azahara. We will be based in the beautiful cities of Barcelona, Granada, Córdoba, Sevilla and Madrid with their wealth of historical monuments, museums, cathedrals, fine restaurants and vibrant culture.
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Sheep at Broch of Dun Carloway, Lewis, courtesy of Dennis Minty
ROMTravel - Scotland Slowly

Saturday June 3 to Wednesday June 14, 2023

Originally planned for June 2021, this trip has been rescheduled to 2023 due to COVID-19. Scotland, like good whisky, is best savoured slowly.  Nature and culture thrive on the isles.  Hear music and stories.  Revel in wildlife.  Absorb the scenery.  Immerse yourself in history in a region where the past is always present.  Meet the locals and get a glimpse of island life.  Raise a dram at world famous distilleries.  Wander among Neolithic ruins.  Explore sea caves and bird cliffs.  
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A city square surrounded by Baroque-style buildings.
SOLD OUT Waiting list available Once upon a time.... If you like music, fairytale architecture, writers, fascinating history, café society, romantic hilltop castles, ornate cathedrals and imperial palaces, come visit the golden cities of Europe. This tour has off the beaten track delights you won't otherwise see and a witty, knowledgeable, urbane resource person as your guide to city living in the Hapsburg’s Imperial style. After all, you only get to live happily ever after once.  
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