Staff musicians gather for a group photo with instruments.

ROM Song Circle

The ROM Song Circle is a group of ROM staff members and their friends who meet about once a month to share their love of music. Everyone gets a turn to choose a song as we go around the circle. The group was started by Gene Wilburn around 1994.

Talking Heads

An assignment for class, everyone was asked to make a 30 second commercial for the ROM.

Dr Tovell with geology gallery

"He's looking at rocks"

So my parents took their young son to the ROM for some education and entertainment. Being as I was about 5 at the time, I quickly wore Mom out. She sat on a bench in the rotunda waiting for Dad and me to finish in the gemmology exhibit.

The ROM Teacher's Son

I'm a teacher in education and programs at the Royal Ontario Museum. When my son was in the first grade, he told his teacher, "Life is not fair because I have to go to school while my mom gets to go to the ROM every day."

yellow bus against facade

Best. School trip. Ever

School trip circa late 60's. early 70's. School bus pulls up to the front steps full of rambunctious, noisy pre-adolescent kids. I heard nothing as I observed the building in front of me innately knowing it was full of wonder.

child stands on moon rock

The Toast Of The Town

During one of the coldest winter seasons this 2013-14 our family braved the elements and decided to collectively journey over to our most beloved attraction in Toronto: The Royal Ontario Museum.

blue tent backround with yellow sign

Wolverine Lodge

Here is one of the tents with the opening title displayed.

child with magnifying glass in gallery

Volunteer Fun

I used to work as a volunteer in the ROM's Hands On Biodiversity Gallery in the early 2000s. I always loved coming to the Gallery and seeing the honey bees busily working away in their hive.

Another Chronometer Bites the Dust

It was late on a Friday in my first summer here when my coworker and I found ourselves with some spare time on our hands. We stuffed a labcoat and made a fairly lifelike torso.

Opening a Radical Room

This video shows the beginnings of the Discovery Room. It became a bigger gallery and then evolved into more hands on spaces in the ROM. Some of these original boxes are still available in the Hands on Biodiversity Gallery, for instance. 

Heinrich greets Mrs. Nathan Phillips, the Mayor's wife


The opening gala for the 1959 exhibition "Masks: the Many Faces of Man" was great fun. Museum design staff provided some spectacular examples, but the guests rose to the occasion as well.

three girls wearing crowns

"A Special Place in My Heart"

I volunteered for the Summer Club at the ROM in 2008. I had previously travelled there on numerous school field trips, and the Museum has always held a special place in my heart.

Noman Siddiqui performing at the ROM

Fusion Concert at the ROM

I remember performing at the ROM's Canada Court in Feb, 2008. It was a world music concert where I was accomapnying the sitar maestro, Irshad Khan, and his fusion ensemble on keyboards/synthesizers.

Dave Barr in baseball cap cartoon

The Leonardo Syndrome

David Barr, who held curatorial and managerial positions at the ROM, was always an early adaptor. Recently, he enrolled in a MOOC and this is his first assignment: to create a digital object.

four men with ROM flag

A Bear Story

small boy looks through magnifying glass with skeletons in the background

Life in the Biodiversity Gallery

ROM changed my life by giving me the opportunity to volunteer at the Biodiversity Gallery. A dream come true. I got to work and meet some very talented and dedicated people and my life was made better for it.

lounge scene with glass floor

Friday Nights

Free admission (after 4:30) on Friday nights launches and is a huge success from the start...

couple smile at artifact

Fact? or Fiction?

The launch of what has become a popular annual fundraising event.