A Prominent Woman

Mrs Warren was the only woman on the first Board of Trustees and she served for 40 years. When her husband died unexpectedly in 1909, she took over the running of his company.

An Unexpected Visitor

[Chief Mineralogist Dr. Vic] Meen was in Teheran when an unexpected visitor appeared at my office door in October 1964. He seemed inconsequential: a short, elderly man in a grey overcoat.

The Legacy of George - George Patrick Joseph Crofts and the Chinese Collections

I first began tracing my family history in the 1970’s, when I was at University. In those days this was a relatively difficult, time consuming and expensive task, dependent on accessing paper records from around the world.

Dating for Authenticity

Dan Rahimi explains one important way in which the ROM guards its reputation.

Eddie Goodman, Chairman of the Board

Robert Barnett, Board Secretary, remembers what Mr. Goodman accomplished during his term as Board Chair.

George Crofts and the Chinese collections

One day, Currelly was showing a distinguished visitor around at the end of the day. Thus he missed another caller, who left a card. Seeing the name of George Crofts on that card, Currelly tracked him to the King Edward Hotel.

J. H. Fleming, Ornithologist Extraordinaire

J. H. Fleming dies. He has had office space at the ROM since the 20s, when he willed his ornithological collection to the Museum.

"Carlo" (Charles Trick Currelly) meets important people

When I was appointed to the ROM Library in 1983, I began exploring the archives to learn about the people who had built the Museum. Among the special collections was one for the first director of the ROM of Archaeology. He was a messy man.