Chinese collections

statues in gallery

New Galleries in Oldest Wing

Ten new galleries open in the heritage buildings.

sculpture with antlers

A Wonderful Gift

Herman Hertzog Levy leaves $15 million for the purchase of Chinese bronzes, jades, ceramics, and sculpture. He has already donated many marvellous objects from his own collections.

side portrait of man against dark background

George Crofts and the Chinese collections

One day, Currelly was showing a distinguished visitor around at the end of the day. Thus he missed another caller, who left a card. Seeing the name of George Crofts on that card, Currelly tracked him to the King Edward Hotel.

portrait of man in clerical collar

Bishop William White

Bishop William White of Honan calls on Currelly. For the next decade they work to build the collections – from early bronzes to the great wall paintings in the gallery named after him.