Dinosaur bones

Dinosaur Wonder

I have a 5 year old son named Robert, who simply adores anything dinosaur. He was a regular viewer of Dinosaur Train, Dino Dan and Treks Adventures. when he was 3.

Staff musicians gather for a group photo with instruments.

ROM Song Circle

The ROM Song Circle is a group of ROM staff members and their friends who meet about once a month to share their love of music. Everyone gets a turn to choose a song as we go around the circle. The group was started by Gene Wilburn around 1994.

gold earrings on dark background

Egyptian Earrings

When I was ten, I was a member of the ROM's Saturday Morning Club. I had recently had my ears pierced for my tenth birthday, which was a pretty big deal at the time.

Three ROM Generations

We come from hard-working immigrant roots. Schooled in both Ukrainian and English schools, my first outing from school to a downtown location was to the ROM.

My First Visit

My first visit to the ROM was in 1996. I came here as a grad student and the ROM was the first on my "must visit" list. I kept hearing, "They have a great Chinese collection!" I went, and I was wowed!

Unexpected Lesson

The ROM tour had come to an end. My grade seven classmates and I descended to the lower level to collect our winter coats and galoshes. At the bottom of the stairs, I saw a skull, sitting rather haphazardly on a small stand in the hallway.

Drawing the Egyptians

One of my best visits to the ROM was in the late 60s when my brother Mark and I went by ourselves by subway at 12 and 10 years old. Being out alone was an adventure.

Crimson Rotunda magazine cover

A "ReCollection" of the Collections

In response to the question in ROM Magazine’s Winter 2013/2014 issue (page 14) regarding whether anyone took Peter C. Swann’s advice to preserve their copies of the bulletin: Yes, I did.