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Cast of dog buried by an intense blast of hot gas and ash. He was the 8th victim found at Pompeii in 1874.

Find this dog in the Pompeii exhibition.


The citizens of Pompeii loved a good sporting match, and the Gladiator Games were one...


When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE, it helped to preserve aspects of what everyday...


In 79 CE*, Mount Vesuvius erupted violently and without warning.


Graffiti in ancient Pompeii was just as common as it is today.

Prehistoric dinosaurs and mammals are not as extinct as we think! Match what ancient...


For centuries, artists and clothiers have used symbols on clothing and fabrics. The...

Artifacts in the Daphne Cockwell Gallery of Canada: First Peoples

Kids of Canada - bonus stamp opportunity. Find the objects and earn a stamp!


Be adventurous and explorer the night sky? Make it a family affair.

Celebrate the ROM's 100th Birthday by making your own party hat!

The Wonders of the ROM

The Wonders of the ROM

The Wonders of the ROM

The Wonders of the ROM

The Wonders of the ROM

The Wonders of the ROM

The Wonders of the ROM

The Wonders of the ROM

Images: The Palace Museum

What would it have been like to grow up as an imperial kid in the Forbidden City?

Image: The Palace Museum

Be warned.....this puzzle is tough.

I Spy! See what you can find.

Image:  The Palace Museum

Bonus stamp opportunity! Find Emperor Tongzhi's inauguration robe in The Forbidden...

Illustrated map of the ancient world

Mesopotamia is known as the Cradle of Civilization.

Mystery objects against black backgrounds

What are these objects from ancient Mesopotamia?

Image from matching activity

In today's world we have a lot of wonderful objects to help us in our everyday lives...


In Mesopotamia, important stories were recorded by carvling reliefs on large pieces of...

Relief of a lion hunt

This gypsum relief tells a story of a king going on a lion hunt. You can read this...

Black-and-white drawing of Assyrian Palace reliefs

Assyrian kings often spent a lot of their wealth on the construction of gigantic and...

Image of a tangram puzzle

Puzzles have been popular in China for a really long time because they challenge your...

Image from the Who Wore What activity

Many of you can tell where someone is from by what they're wearing.

Drawing of a T-Rex

A bit T-Rex and a strong Triceratops are both lokoing for a bite to eat.

Sandy-looking mystery object

Is this a set of footprints on Mars, evidence of life on Mars, or dunes on Mars?

Image of a white, tubular mystery object

Is it sandstone, an Inuit marble sculpture, or a marshmallow?


Ever seen a shooting star?

Image from Waste Not activity

First Peoples wasted nothing.

Komodo dragon skeleton

Komodo dragons may not breathe fire or fly, but they have inspired many tales!

Picture of Roman helmet

Gladiators were prisoners who were trained to fight.

The design for the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal was inspired by an actual rock in the ROM's mineral collection

The world crystal comes from a Greek word that means icy.

Tie-dyed pattern

Create your very own tote bag using the sunburst tie-dye method!

Illustration of an olive crown

Victors at the ancient Olympic Games received a wreath of olive branches.

Map of the World

Make a flipbook and watch continental drift happen page by page!

Animals from the Chinese Zodiac

Unlike the Western Zodiac, which is divided into months, the Chinese Zodiac is divided...

Fun Fabric Facts

Did you know that silk is produced by a worm?

Illustration of dinosaurs and the earth

When Dinosaurs first appeared, they were mostly small predators.

Rocket ship

Think you have what it takes to live on the space station?

Illustration of a Sauropods

Fill in the blanks in Futalognkosaurus and Barosaurus's conversation.


There are more than planets in our solar system, but somehow they've all been jumbled...

Image of the ROM Crystal

No two pieces of the material used in the construction of the ROM's Crystal are the...

If the Shoe Fits

Think back a few hundred years or more.

Whale Maze

This mother Humpback and her newborn calf must leave the warm waters of their breeding...


The planet has many unique ecosystems, with different living things in each one.

Dead Sea Scrolls Puzzle

When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, many of the scrolls were in pieces.


Ancient peoples believed that many different gods were responsible for the many...