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Name Title Department
Justin Jennings Curator (New World Archaeology) Art & Culture
Peter Kaellgren Curator Emeritus Art & Culture
Ed Keall Curator Emeritus Art & Culture
Corey Keeble Curator, Emeritus Art & Culture
Jennifer Kinnaird Collection Technician (European) Art & Culture
Sebastian Kvist Curator of Invertebrates Natural History
Charles-Étienne Lacroix Translator/revisor Audience
Kristiina Lahde Collection Technician Art & Culture
Amy Lathrop Technician Natural History
Steven Laurie Project Manager Exhibit Development & Project Management
Anu Liivandi Assistant Curator (Textiles & Fashions) Art & Culture
Burton Lim Assistant Curator of Mammalogy Natural History
Laura Lipcsei Senior Conservator, Ceramics, Stone and Glass
Kenneth Lister Assistant Curator of Anthropology (Arctic, Subarctic, Great Lakes, Northwest Coast, Paul Kane collection) - Retired Art & Culture
Robert Little Curator, Mona Campbell Chair of Decorative Arts Art & Culture
Karla Livingston Senior Collection Technician Art & Culture
Diana Lu Administrative Assistant Art & Culture
Nathan K. Lujan Associate Curator of Fishes Natural History
Kara Ma Assistant Technician Art & Culture
Melissa Maltby Registration Coordinator Registration
Simona Margaritescu Mycology Technician Natural History
Robert Mason Archaeological Scientist, Database Technican Art & Culture
John H. McAndrews Senior Curator Emeritus Natural History
David McKay Communications Coordinator Marketing & Communications
Zoe McQuinn Coordinator, Festival Programs Programs & Events
Deborah Metsger Assistant Curator Natural History
Brad Millen Database Technician Natural History
Jacqueline Miller Mammalogy Technician Natural History
Molly Minnick Database Technician Art & Culture
Jean-Marc Moncalvo Senior Curator Natural History
Ian Morrison Technician Natural History
Kiron Mukherjee ROMKids Coordinator & Camp Director Children's & Family Programs
Bob Murphy Senior Curator of Herpetology Natural History
Brian Musselwhite Assistant Curator (Retired) Art & Culture
Ian Nicklin Technician, Earth Sciences Natural History
Trudy Nicks Senior Curator Emeritus Art & Culture
Jennifer Orpana Assistant Curator Art & Culture
Alexandra Palmer Senior Curator, Nora E. Vaughan Fashion Costume Curatorship Art & Culture
Mark Peck Manager, Schad Gallery of Biodiversity Natural History
Dominique Picouet French Translation Services Manager Marketing
Bill Pratt Collection Technician (Egypt and West Asia) - Retired Art & Culture
Sascha Priewe Associate Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships Director's Office
Patty Proctor Research Associate (Retired) Art & Culture
Sandhya Reguraman Budget Officer Finance
Clemens Reichel Associate Curator Art & Culture
Nicole Richards Coordinator, Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity Natural History
Chloë Sayer Research Associate and Guest Curator (Textiles & Fashions) Art & Culture
Kevin Seymour Assistant Curator Natural History
Roberta Shaw Assistant Curator (Retired) Art & Culture
Chen Shen Vice President Art and Culture and Senior Curator Art & Culture