The Ontario Road Ecology Group (OREG)

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The Ontario Road Ecology Group (OREG)

Road ecology is the study of the interactions between the environment and roads.  The Ontario Road Ecology Group (OREG) is a not-for-profit conservation program dedicated to protecting wildlife, particularly *Species at Risk (SAR) from the threats of roads; primarily habitat loss & fragmentation and direct mortality caused by wildlife/vehicle collisions.  OREG works with government and non-government transportation planners, scientists, educators and organizations to protect biodiversity from the threats of roads through data collection, policy and public engagement.

*A Species at Risk is defined as any plant or animal threatened by, or vulnerable to extinction (source: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources).

Road Ecology: A National Agenda for Canada; November 27 & 28 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

A Guide to Road Ecology in Ontario (pdf)

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