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Out of the DepthsRefashioning and redressNostetangen og Aas GlashytterInterpreting Native American History and CultureDr OronhyatekhaMasters and Their PiecesCetacean palaeobiologyGorilla pathology and healthCoins are like SongsCeramics 400 yearsSaving science classMetalwork and material cultureTangA taxonomic guide to the stick insects of BorneoFake silkIce bearNow I sit me downRoyal Hawaiian featherworkBoletes of eastern North AmericaOnchi Koshiro tenMuseums a historyFashioning a national artThe Andean science of weavingLandscapes seeking the ideal land


CottonHandicrafting the intangibleTurkmen carpetsKom el-HisnTextiles, tools and techniquesThe Princeton field guide to prehistoric mammalsInoue YuichiCharles and Ray EamesConflicts of interestUnmentionableWatercolor paper handbookArt of the islandsWater design environment and historiesKorea highlights of the Newark Museum's collectionEinfuhrung in die Religion von KuschFishes of the worldGarden art and commerce in Chinese woodblock printsMuseums ethics and cultural heritageNaamiwan's drumWearable prints


Keys to lichens of North AmericaLa mode retrouveeMass photographyReading revolutionOur people our land our imagesArtek Alvar Aino AaltoFrench Art Nouveau ceramicsFashion AfricaZhong miao sheng fengThe butterfly fauna of Sri LankaFrom Huronia to WendakesChicxulubGreat Canadian mastersRitchie'sJust headsJosef Frank spacesDrinking skillsEmbodied enlightenmentA handbook to the ticks of canadaFashioning the bodyAfrican lace barkWildlife of the CaribbeanPainted lorries of PakistanIndigenous notions of ownershipGarnituresPlains Indian art of the early reservation eraThe artful life of r vijayles annees 50Europe in the Renaissance

2016 July/August:

500 glass objectsThe man who planted treesLes tabernacles du quebecThe octopus and the orangutanWomen gender and art in AsiaCeramic petrographyDrawing conclusionsThe Viking shipThe empress and the heavenly mastersThe human archaeology of spaceThe antiquarium of boscoracaleTravel & seeA history of SyriaChina's lost imperial gardenGhanaSilk for the VikingsFigurengefasse aus OaxacaFlags flag traditions in Sri LankaKrakenAltruistic armadillos zenlike zebrasMegacities asiaArchaeology and heritage of the human movement into spaceSuper suckersSunken cities: Egypt's lost worldsKanazawa shoko no sekaiThe unvarnished truthAncient Cyprus: cultures in dialogueIn pursuit of the past: collecting old art in modern India

2016 May-June:

A third gender50 objects that define TorontoEuropean CostumeMythologizing Norval MorrisseauThe Viking experienceUndressedCuratorial dreamsRevolutionary Chinese paper cutsThe origin and nature of life on earthKeeping the marblesThe archaeology of CyprusChina's foreign placesContact in the 16th centuryIndian textilesThe vascular plants of the Bruce PeninsulaBats of Britain and EuropeAsafo flags with a differenceVintage detailsBirds of madagascarUnceded territoriesSarong kebayaThe great Chinese art transferPower & styleAtlas serpientes de VenezuelaManaging previously unmanaged collectionsCalling cards & casesCourt and cosmosJapanese belt ornamentsThe art of relevancePicturing TorontoAncient glassThe restoration of engravingsThe gilded ageThe archaeology of early ChinaWaterfowl of North America, Europe & AsiaThe furniture bibleArt and craft workshops under the Mughals

2016 March-April:

RanshoCurieuses histoires de plantes du canadaJoyful in ThebesThe secret lives of batsThe most perfect thingImperial illusionsCities, museums, and soft powerFashion art worksPlants: healers and killersRemote avant gardeWolf almanacLiterati story telling in late medieval chinaSex in the seaDesigning identityBreeding birds of the maritime provincesCommercial visionsBotanical treasuresExcavating the afterlifeBabeDragonfliesAsia imaginedBone roomsGilded New YorkWhat should a clever moose eatBlock printed textiles of IndiaBritish birds of preyHomage to Korean architecture

2016 January-February:

Planet Earth in Deep TimeThe Silversmith's ArtPortrayalBird Families of the WorldThe Dress DetectiveImagine JapanCanadian Binders Tickets and Booksellers LabelsIndian Cotton TextilesBlack Tattoo ArtDegasHistory of Men's FashionPortrayals from a Brush DivineThe TypewriterArt in IndustryOpiumFernwehThe Next Generation Japanes Women DesignersCollection CareKimono NowThe Origins of Ancient VietnamFlora of OregonPhantoms of the French Fur TradeFabric of LifeRich and TastyArts of the Hellenized EastFrom Mulberry Leaves to Silk ScrollsAncient Egypt TransformedOld Trout Funnies