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May 23, 2017

For close to 60 years, the Bishop White Committee has enabled the ROM to steward and display the greatest collection of Japanese art in Canada. Together with the Museum, this passionate group of volunteers has established the Bishop White Committee Curatorship of Japanese Art & Culture -- an endowed position that is the first of its kind in Canada.

In addition to the creation of the curatorship and to further honour their long-standing support and deep commitment, the H.H. Mu Far Eastern Library has been renamed the Bishop White Committee Library of East Asia. The H.H. Mu Collection continues to be Canada's most important library for research on East Asian art, architecture, and archaeology.

The Bishop White Committee has generously donated more than $2.5 million to the ROM for the promotion of East Asian art, history, and culture. It is named in honour of Bishop William Charles White (1873-1960), the first curator of ROM's Chinese collections.

Acquisitions Highlights

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Tin-glazed earthenware from the Netherlands, France and Germany, 1600-1800Bird of NunavutLoupot, peintre en afficheObsession : Sir William Van Horne's Japanese ceramicsTrees of CanadaBeetles : the natural history and diversity of ColeopteraUnderbug : an obsessive tale of termites and technologyCrafting excellence : the furniture of Nathan Lumbard and his circleIs it okay to sell the Monet? : the age of deaccessioning in museumsCosmopolitan ambassadors : international exhibitions, cultural diplomacy and the polycentral museumGiza and the pyramids : the definitive historyTapa : from tree bark to cloth : an ancient art of Oceania from Southeast Asia to eastern PolynesiaWhereto paradise: picturing mountains of immortality in Chinese artPainted in Mexico, 1700-1790 : Pinxit MexiciNavajo textiles : the Crane Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature & ScienceDanish studio ceramics 1950-2010 in Designmuseum Danmark Timefulness : how thinking like a geologist can help save the worldMessel : an ancient greenhouse ecosystemObjets précieux Art déco de la collection du Prince et de la Princesse Sadruddin Aga KhanThe Lancashire cotton industry and its rivalsJean Patou : a fashionable lifeZhongguo wai xiao yin qiThe silver age : origins and trade of Chinese export silverSavage kin : indigenous informants and American anthropologistsFashion drive: extreme Mode in der KunstHagia Sophia : sound, space, and spirit in ByzantiumThe Islamic world : a history in objectsNight parrot : [Australia's most elusive bird]SunflowersThe poison squadYves Saint Laurent + Halston : fashioning the 70s Tennōryō to kindai : chiiki no naka no Ōtomo no Ōji densetsuSwimsuits and body exposure : an alternative history of the 20th century Routledge Handbook of Imperial Chinese HistoryFungi of Australia: InocybaceaeJindai moji no shisō : Hotsuma bunken o yomitokuIt's alive! : classic horror and sci-fi movie posters from the Kirk Hammett CollectionZoogeography of ArachnidaJapan in early photographs : the Aimé Humbert Collection at the Museum of Ethnography, Neuchâtel Art of Native America : the Charles and Valerie Diker collection


MicrosculptureCultural property lawTo go: new designs for Jewish ritual objectsCollecting and displaying China's summer palace in the westGreek and Roman Coin seen through their imagesNubia in the new kingdomThe politics of paintingRepresentations of animals on Greek and Roman engraved gemsManoominDumfries HouseLiving fashionRather elegant than showyBatAcross the bridge: understanding the origin of the vertebratesFrank Stella unboundSpiders of IndiaDestruction of ParadiseLapis and goldCharles F. GibsonA commemoration ritual for Senwosret IWalker's mammals of the worldThe Mackintosh HouseChinese wallpaper in Britain and IrelandThe archaeology of artMosses, liverworts and hornwortsFeasts and fightsGuide to the manta & devil rays of the worldBirds new to scienceCoins ofthe Ptolemaic EmpireSmithsonian oceanCollecting ChinaDeaccessioning and its discontentsHigh on luxuryVisitors to VersaillesMetamorphosis ontario's amphibians at all stages of developmentMariano FortunyCollecting and collectors from antiquity to modernityCristobal Balenciaga, Philippe Venet, Hubert de GivenchyMei jing chuan jia


A cultivating journey: the Herman H. Levy legacyDecolonizing methodologiesThe origins of Worcester porcelainNatural history and ecology of SurinameVenom: the secrets of nature's deadliest weaponSonglines: tracking the Seven SistersSmilodon: the iconic sabertoothConnecting continentsBirds in the ancient worldThe arts of making in ancient EgyptSecrecy--who's allowed to know whatThe enchanted world of German romantic printsRoutledge handbook of early Chinese historyAncient Egyptian furnitureSketches from an unquiet countryWorlds apart trading togetherHello robot: design between human and machineTraditional clothing of SlovakiaFashion history: a global viewThe rise and fall of the dinosaursTowards a new ethnohistoryUnmasking ideology in imperial and colonial archaeologyLaurent Amiot: Canadian master silversmithIndia contemporary photographic and new media artThe feather thiefOn the mount of intertwined serpentsThe House of Worth 1858-1954 : the birth of haute coutureBirds of the Indonesian ArchipelagoClarence H. White and his worldIndian bird migration atlasPlains Indian buffalo culturesFashioned from natureRefashioned: cutting-edge clothing from upcycled materialsFascinantes araigneesPonchos de AmericaPreserve, protect, and defend: a practical guide to the care of collectionsManus x machina: fashion in an age of technologyTextiles innovations et matieres activesPeacock in the desert: the royal arts of Jodhpur, IndiBeyond the Nile: Egypt and the classical world


The gold of TutankhamenBioaestheticsTextiles of the Middle East and Central Asia3D-printed body architectureHistory of IllustrationJapanese bamboo artPortraits of the North Strength of the earthThe art of namingAltafThe museum of lost artEthnic fashionMemoires d'orfevresElements of Indigenous styleDamascus tilesPictographs the graphic art of James Simon MishibinijimaSaint Quentin Art DecoLiving the good lifeThe secret of the IncasWarp & weftTextile trades consumer culturesMicrostructural geochronologyArts anciens de madagascarBirds: what's in a nameGreat museums of ItalyItalian al italia vista dalla modaChina stylekisiskâciwan: Indigenous voices from where the river flows swiftlyTeotihuacan: city of water, city of fireThomas Chippendale 1718-1779The practical astronomerWarblers of EuropeWorld on the horizon: Swahili arts across the Indian OceanWings over the sea: the story of Allan MosesIntimate memory: gender and mourning in late Imperial ChinaAtlas of meteorites


Art of living on a damaged planetMangasiaFeminism and museumsCotoneastersMosques: splendor of IslamThe silver caesarsFashion curatingFootwear: shoes and boots from the Hopkins CollectionImages of MithraChina: a history in objectsRoots of entanglementEmanations: the art of the cameraless photographThe beauties of Japanese glassReciprocity and redistribution in Andean civilizationsItalian glamourAnimal kingdom: a natural history in 100 objectsFrom local to global: papers in Asian history and cultureBuy from JewsIbn Battuta's travelsDr Eleanor's book of common spidersGeology for archaeologistsFabricating the Tenjukoku Shucho MadaraFaces of ChinaEcology conservation and management of wild pigs and peccariesBring back the kingInnovative approaches and explorations in ceramic studiesBirds of BoliviaCultural heritage care and managementThomas ChippendaleRestoring the Minoans25 days that changed TorontoMadhvi Parekh the curious seekerReawakening our ancestors' lines


Chinese medicinal plants, herbal drugs and substitutesMaria Merian's butterfliesNew for now: the origins of fashion magazinesPeterborough ArchaeologyWedgwood: a story of creation and innovationManual of digital museum planningA field guide to the mammals of BhutanEnglish silver before the civil warFusion style decoratingRare treasures from the library of the natural history museumFolklife and museumsTreasures of the CNEThings great and smallVogue on Christian DiorHandbook of bird biologyEntangled objectsArt deco architecture across CanadaMarked for lifeFashion togetherThe place of stone dighton rockA natural history of the hedgerowMinik the New York EskimoThe archaeology of mural painting at Panamarca peruOpen conversations: public learning in libraries and museumsThe lost speciesFort Tecumseh and Fort Pierre ChouteauMaria Sibylla Merian: Metamorphosis insectorum SurinamensiumA taxonomic guide to the stick insects of SingaporeThe care and display of historic clothingRecent histories contemporary African photography and video artThe future of natural history museumsFostering empathy through museumsThe mushroom at the end of the worldCanoes a natural history in North America