Trees for Toronto

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WHAT IS “TREES for TORONTO”?Visitors to Queen's Park will find four signs that tell the history of the park and its trees.“Trees for Toronto” was launched by the Royal Ontario Museum and the City of Toronto in connection with the expansion of the Museum in 2007. The purpose of “Trees for Toronto” is to plant trees in Queen’s Park and to create a tree identification and awareness program for Toronto.

As part of the “Trees for Toronto” program,

  • Trees native to Ontario have been planted throughout Queen’s Park
  • Interpretive signs and tree identification plaques have been installed in the Park
  • This “Trees for Toronto” website has been developed to supplement the program
  • Online tree species fact sheets are being developed for the trees of Toronto park by park. 
    Each species fact sheet will come online as it is completed.  Access fact sheets at the Canadian Tree Tours website.

The Trees of Queen’s Park ActivityOver 90 trees, representing all 47 species in Queen's Park, have identification plaques enabling tourists to identify the trees and their leaves throughout the year.

Try your hand at tree identification and see if you can find these oak species in the park! Print a Trees for Toronto worksheet (PDF) to bring with you on your visit.