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Explore Mesopotamia: Lions, Temples and Tablets on the Plain of Antioch

Striding Lion Relief, copyright ROM, 937.14.14

The University of Toronto’s excavations at Tell Tayinat, located on the Plain of Antioch in southeastern Turkey, have uncovered the impressive remains of an Assyrian settlement (ca. 8th-7th Cent. BCE), including a temple and a cache of cuneiform tablets, and most recently a citadel gate adorned with spectacular monumental sculptures.  This illustrated lecture will highlight the exciting discoveries of the University of Toronto's ongoing excavations at ancient Tayinat, and what they reveal about the nature of Mesopotamia’s cultural and historical influence on its ancient Near Eastern neighbours.


Dr. Timothy P. Harrison is Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology, and Chair of the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto. He is currently directing the Tayinat Archaeological Project excavations on the Plain of Antioch in southeastern Turkey. This project and others forms part of a wider, interregional research effort that seeks to shed light on the early development of urban life and state-ordered society amidst the diverse cultures that have given shape to the eastern Mediterranean world. Dr. Harrison has participated in numerous excavations and field expeditions in Israel, Jordan and Turkey.

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