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Carnival Symposium - Day 2

The Insatiable Season film poster

The Insatiable Season - film screening

Free. Included with Museum Admission. RSVP required.

Day 2 of the Carnival Symposium

  • Screening of  the documentary The Insatiable Season
  • Followed by a discussion with Mas Man Brian Mac Farlane.

For four months of every year, a camp of people in Trinidad and Tobago converges for the ritual of making carnival.  Their time together is intense, vivid and exhausting.  When the insatiable season comes to an end, art will have been made, worn and discarded… until the season comes again.

The Insatiable Season focuses on famed Mas Man Brian Mac Farlane’s intense carnival workshop to prepare the designs for the 2006 Mas band.

Directed by Mariel Brown.

Director’s Statement: Since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.  The spectacle of thousands of people all dressed in similar costumes who take to the streets for the two days of carnival every year, is something I have both participated in and observed, and it continues to have a sort of visceral effect of grounding me in Trinidad and Tobago, and inspiring in me a kind of awe at its size: the enormity of its creative outpouring in music and costume design; the size of its effect on Trinidad and Tobago; the size of its participation; the incredible extent to which it has come to signify whatever is intrinsic to Trinidadian-ness; the Herculean effort required of its makers.  It is the latter that formed the basis of “The Insatiable Season”.  I found myself stumbling on the notions of logic and rationalism.  For those who are just starting out, it is not rational to make a carnival band – in the early years, you make no money, you work unbelievably hard under the most stressful of conditions, to produce something that – at best – has a public life of two days.  And yet, in Trinidad, it is the most compelling, controversial, and keenly contested of public artforms.  It engages the national psyche in a way that nothing else does.

So I set out to tell the story of a small group of people, out of the thousands, for whom the making of carnival is essential – an integral part of life.  In the process I met a fascinating and compelling cast of characters who inspired me with their dedication to the craft of carnival making.

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