Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity | Level 2

  • Live coral reef
    Track the myriad of fishes in the live coral reef.
  • Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity
    Climate change and habitat destruction are just two factors contributing to species extinction. Learn about species that are threatened or have disappeared because of human influence – some of them from our own back yard.
  • Display case at the gallery entrance featuring a statuesque "Bull", the ROM's white rhino.
    This white rhino is a rare specimen and the centerpiece of the Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity.
  • Girl looking at a bird
    The Earth Rangers Studio, located within the gallery, offers educational and interactive programs. Touchable specimens, hands-on activities, and multi-media demonstrations engage visitors of all ages. The Earth Rangers "Bring Back the WildTM" live animal show is a regular feature.
  • Leafcutter Ant Colony
    Busy ants work day and night collecting leaf bits, on which they cultivate fungus to feed their young, in the live Leafcutter Ant colony.
  • Extinct Dodo
    Common on Mauritius in the 1600s, Dodos were extinct within a hundred years. Very few complete specimens exist in museum collections. The ROM's rare Dodo skeleton came from Harvard University – traded for the skull of an Anchiceratops.

Life is Diverse. Life is Interconnected. Life is at Risk. 

The Schad Gallery is our space to explore and display life on planet earth: life in the recent past, now and in the future.  Our extensive natural history collections – from “Bull” the Southern White Rhino to our live coral reef – make this a vibrant and awe inspiring place.  Humans are part of every story; we are part of nature, and have had a profound impact on all other life.  We challenge you to live sustainably with nature. 

Through the Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity, the ROM is committed to raising awareness of the significant challenges facing the conservation, diversity and survival of life on earth, and working with our partners and the public to find ways to make a difference. 

About the Gallery


Interactive multimedia and thousands of spectacular specimens create a special experience for visitors of all ages. The gallery explores our world's biodiversity through three core themes: Life is Diverse, Life is Interconnected, and Life is at Risk. 


The ecosystems of our living planet are presented, from Africa and the Amazon to our own Great Lakes and the Arctic, and places in between.  


All ages, but with emphasis on the recent past, present day, and the future.

ROM Staff

Dave Ireland, Managing Director, Biodiversity

Managing Director, Centre of Discovery in Biodiversity

Hernán López-Fernández

Ichthyology Curator

Authored by: Noman Siddiqui