Prince Takamado Gallery of Japan | Level 1

  • Prince Takamado Gallery of Japan
    Approximately 600 objects, including Samurai armour, showcase the development of Japanese culture through the ages.
  • Stunning works by masters including Hokusai and Hiroshige contribute to the ROM's Japanese art collection.
    Stunning works by masters including Hokusai and Hiroshige contribute to the ROM's Japanese art collection - the largest such compilation in Canada.
  • Japanese Tea Ceremony
    The centuries-old significance of the Japanese Tea Ceremony is unveiled with utensils of exceptional quality. These shown here are from the Yamagami Collection, the most complete tea masters collection in any North American museum.
  • The ROM's fine collection of Netsuke awaits the inquisitive visitor.
    The ROM's fine set of Netsuke examines how these miniature figures evolved over time to become highly prized pieces of extraordinary craftsmanship.
  • Unique and beautiful objects from the Edo period are presented.
    Unique and beautiful objects give visitors an understanding of Japanese customs and daily life during the Edo period.
  • Left: Bottle (glazed stoneware), Edo period, Japan, 1670 – 1750 AD. Right: Bottle (glazed stoneware), Showa period, Japan, 1940 – 1965 AD.
    Explore the stylistic progression of ceramics and pottery with exceptional examples from the 17th to the 20th centuries.

From Samurai to the Tea Ceremony.  

Explore the civilization that gave us household words such as Samurai and netsuke. From Kyoto and Satsuma to Tokyo, Japanese culture unfolds in an outstanding presentation of ceramics, religious sculpture, prints, paintings, lacquers, furniture and armour.

In the gallery, unique and beautiful objects make reference to daily life during the Edo period, and Samurai armour conjures a time when these warriors were the ruling elite. Objects of porcelain and modern ceramics trace a legacy of artistry and creativity from the 15th century to the present. The gallery is named in memory of Prince Takamado (1954 - 2002), who was known in his native Japan as "Canada’s Prince". The gallery celebrates his attachment to Canada and creates a lasting link between the two countries. 

About the Gallery


Approximately 600 objects highlight the development of Japanese culture through the ages. Gallery sections include the Canon Canada Inc. Samurai Exhibit, the Toyota Canada Inc. Exhibit of Ukiyo-e Pictures, the Mitsui & Co. Canada Tea Ceremony Exhibit, and the Linamar Corporation Exhibition of Ceramics.  


Japan is a series of islands off the coast of East Asia, flanked by the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean.  


From the 1st to 20th centuries AD.

ROM Staff

Curator (Louise Hawley Stone Chair of East Asian Art)

Kay Sunahara in collection storage examining fragments of Roman scale mail armour from Dura Europos, Syria

Greek, Etruscan, Roman & Byzantine Collection Technician

Authored by: Noman Siddiqui