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  • Galleries of Africa: Egypt
  • Galleries of Africa: Egypt
  • Galleries of Africa: Egypt
  • Galleries of Africa: Egypt
  • Galleries of Africa: Egypt
  • Galleries of Africa: Egypt

An epic civilization with timeless appeal. 

The legacy of the Ancient Egyptian culture has left its mark through the centuries. From religion to architecture to fashion, its influence is epic and our fascination with this ancient civilization, so exotic and mysterious, remains strong even today. 

Follow the history of Ancient Egypt over nearly 5,000 years with an impressive collection of objects depicting all aspects of spiritual and daily life. Examine the region’s contributions to both eastern and western civilizations through culture and technology. From prehistoric Egypt to the time of Ptolemaic rule, the gallery showcases rare and exceptional objects from the ROM's Egyptian collection – the most important Egyptian collection in Canada. 

Special Display: The Cat's Tomb

Ancient Egypt's most purrfectly prized pet is buried right here inside the ROM! The Cat's Tomb exhibit showcases a 2,500 year-old mummified cat wrapped in linen bandages. However, what makes this cat extraordinary is that it is missing its mask. You can view the cat as it sleeps eternally with its eyes closed, ears folded back, and teeth exposed! On display  this summer only. 

About the Gallery


The ROM's Egyptian collection is comprised of approximately 25,000 artifacts, and close to 2,000 of these are on display in the gallery. 


Ancient Egypt was located in the north east corner of the African continent, and during Ptolemaic times, extended west along the north shore of Africa, and northeast along the south east coast of the Mediterranean. 


From 4,000 BC to AD 400.

ROM Staff

Curator (Louise Hawley Stone Chair of East Asian Art)

Dr. Clemens Reichel

Associate Curator

Authored by: Noman Siddiqui