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Celebrating a Century of Philanthropic Support

Dianne Lister Dianne Lister
President & CEO
ROM Governors

“With your partnership and support, we can ensure you find and enjoy what you love at the ROMwhether that's time spent with friends and family, connecting with your cultural community, or discovering something new about our shared past.”

Earlier this year, we interviewed several kids at the ROM on a school visit. (Watch the video). Often heartwarming, their responses were a good reminder of all that philanthropy makes possible at the ROM. It fuels the beginning of lifelong learning, the chance to be inspired by natural history and world cultures, and the opportunity to grow our interests and deepen our passions. Your investment in the ROM enables us to build community and offer these meaningful experiences to curious minds of all ages.
The Love the ROM Centennial Campaign aims to raise $15 million by June 2015 to transform the visitor experience inside and out—from the moment you step onto the ROM Plaza to how you discover and interact with our globally renowned collections and leading experts. Thanks to you, we’re already halfway toward reaching our goal and making two Centennial legacy projects a reality—the Welcome Project and the Dawn of Life on Earth Gallery
As we celebrate the ROM’s Centennial this year, we are especially grateful for the Royal Patrons Circle (RPC) and its remarkable history of support. What started as a small group of volunteers 30 years ago has grown into an annual giving program with over 850 members, raising more than $1.3 million every year for the Museum. It’s a powerful example of philanthropy in action and the generous spirit of our community that has kept the ROM a place of wonder and discovery for the past 100 years. 

To all of our volunteers, donors, patrons, and sponsors—thank you for loving the ROM.



Inside the ROM Governors

Patrons at an exclusive party at the museum.Become a Patron ►

With exciting networking opportunities and exclusive access to special events year-round, Museum Patrons enjoy personal connections to the ROM’s collections and curators.

Robert PierceMeet our Chairman ►

Robert Pierce is Chairman of the ROM Board of Governors. Rob has generously supported the Museum’s philanthropic projects as a long-time volunteer and Board member.


Making a Difference

Sponsor speaking at the opening of Mesopotamia: Inventing our world.Helga Schmidt ►

As lead donors, Helga and her late husband Mike Schmidt have been vital in galvanizing support for the Love the ROM Centennial Campaign. 

Exhibit patrons preview Mesopotamia: Inventing Our World.Yamana Gold ► 

Yamana Gold -- a Canadian gold based producer -- invests in a one-of-a-kind ore and mineral collection at the Museum.