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Susan HorvathSusan Horvath 
President & CEO
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Thanks to your generous contributions to date, our new Dawn of Life Gallery preview space is now open to the public on the Museum’s second floor. This tantalizing exhibit offers a glimpse of the history of life on Earth before the dinosaurs, and how our planet has changed drastically over time.

Some of the spectacular fossils on display have been in the ROM’s vaults for decades, while others were acquired specifically for the new gallery. Through these specimens, interactive videos, and photos, visitors gain a uniquely Canadian perspective on our earliest beginnings.

If you haven’t yet seen the space, I urge you to visit with your family and friends this winter. Fundraising continues for the extraordinary Dawn of Life Gallery, which will be a permanent home to the ROM’s world-renowned collection of Burgess Shale specimens, and showcase spectacular fossils from across Canada. You can help shape this gallery and be a part of this remarkable story! Show your support and make a donation today.





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