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Susan HorvathSusan Horvath 
President & CEO
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“The positive impact made by our donors is everywherewhether they are helping acquire a rare Greek silver coin from 400 BC or endowing a Chair in vertebrate palaeontologyphilanthropy fuels the ROM's remarkable curatorial research and collections.”

The ROM is an endlessly inspiring place for donors, and in my short time here I have seen powerful examples of philanthropy in action. The positive impact made by our donors is everywhere—whether they are helping acquire a rare Greek silver coin from 400 BC or a world-class collection of 22,000 ores and minerals from Thailand, supporting the underwater discovery of the historic Franklin Expedition or endowing a Chair in vertebrate palaeontology—philanthropy fuels the ROM’s remarkable curatorial research and collections.

Royal Patrons Circle (RPC) and Young Patrons Circle (YPC) members alone donate more than $1.7 million annually in support of the ROM’s highest priorities, which helps bring engaging exhibitions, public programs, and educational initiatives to life for the public. As a volunteer-driven organization with over 1,300 volunteers and 2,000 donors who contribute an incredible 200,000 hours and close to $14 million per year to the Museum, the ROM simply could not offer its exceptional visitor experiences it does without our large family of dedicated volunteers and generous donors, patrons, and corporate partners.

We recently celebrated the power of philanthropy at our annual Chairs’ Reception, where we honoured Sal Badali, Jennifer Ivey Bannock and Harriet Walker with the Lieutenant Governor’s Distinguished Service Award, and BMO Financial Group with the Donor of Merit Award. We were also thrilled to offer our ROM family the first look at our future Dawn of Life Gallery at this special event. This exciting new gallery will examine our deep past, from single-celled beginnings billions of years ago to the appearance of dinosaurs and mammals over 200 million years ago, and showcase spectacular fossils and ground-breaking research using innovative new technology.

As always, we are so grateful for your steadfast support.




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Patrons at an exclusive party at the museum.Become a Patron ►

With exciting networking opportunities and exclusive access to special events year-round, Museum Patrons enjoy personal connections to the ROM’s collections and curators.

Robert PierceMeet our Chairman ►

Robert Pierce is Chairman of the ROM Board of Governors. Rob has generously supported the Museum’s philanthropic projects as a long-time volunteer and Board member.


Making a Difference

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