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Susan HorvathSusan Horvath 
President & CEO
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“Thanks to you, we are ready to break ground on the Welcome Project in January 2016, creating a lively and meaningful urban green space that will nurture ecological consciousness and build community in our city.”

It’s often the smallest moments that have the greatest impact. Walking through the ROM recently, I came across one of our educators wearing a set of bright blue butterfly wings, discussing biodiversity with a group of schoolchildren. His passion for our changing natural world was palpable and his audience of six-year-olds was completely enraptured.

Flashes like these—small but mighty—happen daily at the ROM and are made possible by the generosity of our visitors, donors, members, patrons, and corporate partners. It’s one of the reasons why we are so grateful for your remarkable support of the Love the ROM Campaign, which raised over $20M to help animate our Centres of Discovery, launch the new Welcome Project, and support the future Dawn of Life Gallery.

The impact of your donations is already being felt around the ROM. New Managing Directors are bringing our Centres of Discovery to life with fresh ideas, and several new post doctoral students are pursuing their studies with assistance from the ROM’s leading researchers and world-class collections. 

The Welcome Project will not only create beautiful biodiversity gardens and an outdoor performance space on the ROM Plaza, it will also introduce public meeting spaces and outdoor programs to educate and inspire children. Fundraising continues for this exciting project and for the extraordinary Dawn of Life Gallery that will showcase spectacular fossils from across Canada and tell the story of our earliest beginnings. For a preview of this visionary new gallery, I invite you to visit our temporary pop-up space on the second floor.
Thank you for continuing to love and support the ROM.




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Reward your employees with exclusive benefits such as free admission, exhibitions previews, special events and behind-the-scenes tours. 

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Making a Difference

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