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Dianne Lister Dianne Lister

President & CEO
ROM Governors

“Thank you for stitching together the fabric of the ROM with your generous gifts and community leadership.”

The ROM is many things to many people. For the past century, this iconic Canadian cultural institution has evolved in ways we could never have imagined. Who would ever have thought you’d be able to use the ScopifyROM app to see inside a mummified cat with your phone? Through it all, our core mission remains the same: to build community, to inspire wonder and to be a meeting place for people and ideas.

A living, breathing research institution, the ROM is home to great minds that constantly push the boundaries of science, challenging our collective understanding of nature and culture. Dr. Jean-Bernard Caron, Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology, powerfully reminds of this fact, with his recent discovery of a new fossil bed in the heart of the Rockies. A world expert on early life, Dr. Caron is changing our understanding of how life began on Earth.

Just as the ROM’s story is evolving, so is our knowledge of the earliest beginnings of life on our planet and this fascinating story will be told through a future gallery called the Dawn of Life on Earth, one of the ROM’s Centennial legacy projects, and a key priority of the Love the ROM fundraising Campaign. This new gallery will help us consider our shared history and provide valuable insights on current global issues like climate change and our biodiversity crisis.

Thank you for supporting the ROM’s evolution and enabling us to share research, galleries and programs with the public. I’ve loved watching our ROM friends and family come together to celebrate our Centennial year, at events big and small. As we launch our next century, let’s keep asking big questions about life and the world we live in. Let’s keep sharing our knowledge with the global community. And let’s keep Canada’s world museum thriving for another 100 years.



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With exciting networking opportunities and exclusive access to special events year-round, Museum Patrons enjoy personal connections to the ROM’s collections and curators.

Robert PierceMeet our chairman ►

Robert Pierce is Chairman of the ROM Board of Governors. Rob has generously supported the Museum’s philanthropic projects as a long-time volunteer and Board member.


Making a Difference

Sponsor speaking at the opening of Mesopotamia: Inventing our world.Helga Schmidt ►

As lead donors, Helga and her late husband Mike Schmidt have been vital in galvanizing support for the Love the ROM Centennial Campaign. 

Exhibit patrons preview Mesopotamia: Inventing Our World.Yamana Gold ► 

Yamana Gold -- a Canadian gold based producer -- invests in a one-of-a-kind ore and mineral collection at the Museum.